Best Fish for your Aquarium

Written By Alla Levin
December 04, 2017
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Choosing the Fish for your Aquarium

Having an aquarium is a rewarding experience for those who enjoy pets because the beauty and elegance of these animals represent, for those who own them, a window to release stress and enter into harmony with the world.

So if you are interested in having an aquarium, we tell you which are the best fish to accompany you every day.

Here is a list of 14 Fishes to Keep in Your Home AquariumChoosing the Fish for your Aquarium

The Bala Shark:

Don’t be afraid of it. It just looks like a shark, yet is not a shark. They eat almost whatever you give them. However, fishes of all kinds are its favorites.

Guppy Fish:

Survivors! That’s what you will call them. Guppy Fish are tough to catch. They survive in conditions where many other fishes would die. There is also an article on breeding guppy fish.

Kuhli Loach:

This is a friendly fish. Kuhli Loach is friendly with other fishes of its kind and is not very particular about the type of food it gets. There is also an article on breeding Kuhli Loach.

Bronze Corydora:

This one is a star. Not that it is beautiful to have in an aquarium, but it will need bodyguards even to be seen. It is very shy water living animal.


As the name says, they have the knack of cats, and sometimes grow to enormous sizes. However, in an aquarium, catfish are colorful to look at.

Clown Loach:

Unlike the marine clownfish, clown loach is not funny. But you will be amused by its wonderful behavior – adjusting to any environment.

Glass catfish:

The way this fish looks, you will call it Ghostfish. The fish is almost transparent, and its color is no different from its surroundings.


These fish grow with a blue, green light and looks as slim as a supermodel. Hatchet fish are one of those rare species that can live in both ocean water and fresh water.


Killifish have very short lives. The reason behind their short and yet exciting life is unique.

Orange Finned Loach:

Their long and snakish bodies are always in recluse and can be a menace to your tank when introduced. So be careful with them.

Paradise Fish:

Great color and pleasant feel have given their name, but these fishes are not good companions to other fish. Hence paradise fish are better watched out.

Silver Dollar:

Its name says all about it. The moment you look at it, you might think that a dollar coin is floating around. They are friendly fish as well.

Zebra Danios:

Zebra colors, longish body structure, and moving around in groups are some of the main characters of Zebra Danios.

Melanochromis Auratus:

This is a good fish to have, despite its complicated name. They are excellent to look at when you switch off the lights around your aquarium.



We hope this list has been useful if you are thinking of creating a freshwater fish tank. If you would like us to add some more species or want to tell us about your experience, please leave a comment, we will be happy to answer you.

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