Wearing PPE
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Check out why wearing PPE is essential for construction workers

Personal Protective Equipment is worn by many laborers to minimize workplace injuries. Check out this article to discover why PPE must be worn and why wearing PPE is essential for construction workers. Construction work is a fruitful career, but it’s peppered with accidents and injuries. 

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were 5,190 fatal work injuries in the United States in 2016. It’s nothing to scoff at, and being properly protected while on the job is an important measure to take.

Following proper procedures and adhering to common sense goes a long way, but wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and unigloves may sometimes seem like a burden. Here, we’re going to take a look at why it’s important for construction workers to use this type of equipment- PPE must be worn.

PPE Must Be Worn – Wearing PPE and Things to Consider

Whether you’re exploring woodworking or involved in the construction industry, a lot of risks go hand-in-hand with heavy machinery and dangerous working conditions. Just the same as you would wear a uniform to a retail or restaurant job, proper attire is a must for your career. Some people don’t like a uniform, though, no matter its purpose. If you’ve wondered, “Why is PPE important,” consider these circumstances:

  • Working where there may be falling objects;
  • Working where contaminants may be in the air;
  • Working in extreme temperatures or dangerous conditions;
  • Working around sharp objects or hazardous chemicals.

Needless to say, you’re not going to be walking on-site in a tank top and flip-flops, but let’s look at some of these reasons a little closer.

The Risk of Falling ObjectsRisk of Falling Objects

Hard hats are a common theme on construction sites. No matter the specific work being done, you’ll probably see the brightly colored helmets that often indicate a construction worker. If a rock, piece of construction, tool, or anything falls from an extreme height, a hard hat will protect your head and body.

They serve another purpose, though, as it’s easy to establish where a construction worker is if you’re looking from a distance. Standing out is important when you’re trying to not be in the line of fire due to falling objects.

The Risk of Contaminants in the Air

If construction workers are working around gases or near chemicals, then respirators should be used to protect their lungs. Even if you don’t think you’re at risk, dust debris, microscopic shrapnel, and paint fumes might be all around you. Respirators, breathing apparatus, or any reliable gas mask will protect your lungs from these dangers.

The Risk of Extreme TemperaturesFR Outlet

If you’re working in extreme cold or extreme heat, full-body protection is often needed. Certain suppliers, such as FR Outlet, carry personal protection items that are designed for extreme temperatures and conditions. Flame-resistant clothing is a must if fires are common or expected in your working environment, for example.

The Risk of Sharp Objects and Hazardous Chemicals

As a construction worker, your hands and skin may be at risk, whether dealing with sharp objects or hazardous chemicals. Wearing proper PPE–such as rubber gloves, cut-resistant gloves, and heat-resistant gloves–protects you when dealing with electricity, hot objects, or chemicals.

PPE Must Be Worn: The Purpose of PPE and You

Whether you’re a construction worker or someone involved with the safety of construction workers, the importance of wearing PPE can’t be stressed enough. There are plenty of potential dangers involved in this type of work, and it’s crucial to not only adhere to standards but to understand the purpose of PPE.

It could save you major damage or risk to your health, the loss of your ability to work, or even worse. If you have more questions about the importance of PPE or are interested in other topics about keeping safe while on the job, feel free to contact us and chat!

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