Fitness Motivation: How to Convince Yourself to Go to the Gym

Written By Alla Levin
June 11, 2018

How to Convince Yourself to Go to the Gym

Getting to the gym is actually the hardest part of working out. There are a million excuses you can find for not going. But we’ll show you some easy fitness motivation tips that will help you overcome excuses and get your workout in.

And once you get over it, don’t rush. You must take measures to protect yourself like wearing an ankle braces before exercising to avoid muscle tension. That is a very common mistake among beginners. But we’ll show you some easy fitness motivation tips that will help you overcome excuses and get your workout in.

Do you crave the results of health and fitness but dread putting in the work? Do you want to improve your body for the summer months ahead? Going to the gym is challenging, and it’s even more challenging to motivate yourself to go. However, after you pull yourself off the couch and get moving you’ll realize how amazing working out can feel.  This article will give you 10 tips for fitness motivation.

Make Realistic Goals

One of the best tips for motivating yourself to work out is setting realistic goals for yourself. Break down your large goals into smaller ones. For instance, if your goal is to lose 75 pounds, start by saying you’ll lose 5 pounds this month. A healthy weight loss rate is 1-2 pounds per week. Setting realistic goals will continue to motivate you each time you reach one.

Make a Schedulefitness schedule

At the beginning of the week, write out a fitness schedule for the week. You will be more motivated to stick to a fitness regimen if you’ve already written it down. A schedule enables you to wake up each day and know exactly what time and how hard you’re going to be exercising. Once you’ve completed a day on your workout schedule you can cross it off and know you’re one step closer to your goals.

 Eat Well

You need to eat a healthy diet that’s appropriate for the exercises you’re doing. Some people associate fitness with cutting back calories to an extreme. This, however, isn’t healthy. Eating the proper foods will help you discover what you’re capable of physically.

If you’re not eating enough calories your body won’t be able to train properly. You want to fuel your body as if it’s a vehicle and give it the finest nutrition.

Be sure to eat plenty of protein throughout your day, especially after a gym session so that your muscles can recuperate. There’s nothing less motivating than sore muscles that you can barely stand on.

Find Inspiration on Social Media overtrain your muscles

Health and fitness gurus are all over the web, especially on social media. Look to Instagram to find people who inspire you to be healthy. Find fitness role models who have similar goals to your own. Watch their tutorial videos and read about what they eat and how they work out.

Follow these accounts so that their posts regularly come up in your feed. This turns mindlessly scrolling through Instagram into a productive activity. You’ll see your role models working out and it will motivate you to move your body too.

Stretch After Working Out

It’s extremely important to stretch after your workout to help loosen the muscles and prevent soreness. You won’t want to work out again for a while if your muscles are still throbbing from your last workout.

Do at least 5 minutes of full-body stretches after your strength training routine. You can also incorporate stretches in your day by stretching while doing everyday household tasks like brushing your teeth or mowing the lawn.

Take Rest Days

It is possible for you to overtrain your muscles and have your body shut down. In order to avoid this, take rest days between working out. You should keep at least 48 hours between the training of the same muscle groups. For instance, if you train legs on a Monday do not train legs again until Wednesday. Ideally, you shouldn’t train the same muscle group until all of the soreness has gone from your last workout.

Buy New Gym Gear

Sometimes a new outfit or two, or even power racks for your gym are all the motivation you need to get out and go to the gym.  Having a fresh pair of workout leggings or a new sports bra can be incredibly motivating. You’ll suddenly feel stylish and ready to take on your workout.

Get a Gym BuddyGym Buddy_jiu-jitsu

Most things are more fun with a friend, going to the gym included. Working out with a gym buddy is a great way to stay on top of your routine. You’ll be less tempted to lay in bed and watch Netflix because you have a gym friend who is counting on you to show up. Having a gym partner adds a level of accountability to work out that many of us need.

Find Your Workout Style

Maybe you hate going to the gym because you haven’t found a workout that’s right for you yet. Fix this by sampling random workout classes you think you might be interested in. Zumba is a good class for people who want to get their boogie on. Rock climbing, jiu-jitsu, and kayaking are other unique ways to have fun and get your exercise in.

Trying different workouts will help you discover more of what you’re capable of physically. You don’t have to simply plug away at a treadmill or workout machine to get results at the gym. The most important thing is that your body is moving and you’re not being too sedentary.

Lift Weightsfitness motivation

Are you a cardio bunny? Do you shy away from the weight room out of fear of getting too bulky? Lifting weights will do incredible things for your physique. Adding muscle to your body causes your body to burn more fat at rest.

Each time you go to the gym to lift weights you can be motivated by the knowledge you’re getting stronger. This can feel much more rewarding than simply losing calories on a treadmill or elliptical.

You’ll love the aesthetic results you get from weight lifting so much that you’ll keep coming back time and time again. When preparing for summer or following your plans on becoming the type of person you want to be, make sure you include compound exercises that include both the upper and lower body. For instance, using some of the best glute ham developer machines the results you can get may surprise you. The same principles work well for other types of drives you may have.

We Hope We’ve Given You the Fitness Motivation You Need

We hope the ideas in this article have given you the fitness motivation you need to get up and get moving. Remember, exercise is incredible for your body and mind. It can cure a number of physical and mental maladies. Like this article? Want to tell us about your own fitness tips? Please contact us here.

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