Improve Your Outdoor Space with the Best Outdoor Rugs

Written By Alla Levin
June 13, 2018

Improving Outdoor Space with the Outdoor Rugs

Looking to transform your outdoor space into a cozy, inviting retreat? If coming home from a long day’s work and slipping off your shoes for that sigh of relief sounds like a slice of heaven, you’re not alone.

Many of us crave that moment of relaxation, yet our outdoor spaces often lack the warmth and comfort needed to unwind truly.

Whether it’s the hard, cold surfaces underfoot, the challenge of making your patio feel welcoming for guests, or simply the disconnect between your indoor and outdoor living areas, there’s a simple yet transformative solution: the perfect outdoor rug.

Why Outdoor Rugs?

  1. The Ultimate Welcome Home: Imagine stepping outside to your patio or deck and being greeted by the soft, luxurious feel of a high-quality outdoor rug. It’s like a welcome home hug for your feet, offering the perfect transition from the hustle and bustle of your day to the tranquility of your personal oasis.
  2. Entertaining Made Easy: If entertaining feels more like a chore due to a less-than-inviting outdoor area, an outdoor rug can change the game. By adding a touch of warmth and comfort, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home’s cozy atmosphere, making gatherings more relaxed and enjoyable.
  3. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living: Bridging the gap between your indoor comfort and outdoor beauty has never been easier. An outdoor rug adds that personal touch and cozy vibe, making your outdoor area feel like a true extension of your indoor living space.

But why settle for any outdoor rug when you can have the best? Our collection of outdoor rugs is designed with your needs in mind. Live your best life and leave your guests marveling at the functionality and beautiful design of your outdoor space.

These rugs aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about transforming your outdoor area into a haven where comfort meets style.

People often see having a happy home as a critical component of living the American dream, and rightfully so. If you aim to live that dream, paying attention to the details—like the decor of your outdoor area—is key.

Giving your outdoor space that final touch it’s been missing with an outdoor rug can tie the whole area together beautifully.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy summer reading nook, a tranquil spot for evening unwinding, or a vibrant, entertaining area, our outdoor rugs provide the foundation for whatever atmosphere you wish to cultivate. They’re not just functional; they’re a lifestyle choice that says you value comfort, style, and the little moments of joy—like walking barefoot on a soft, welcoming surface after a long day.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Rugs for Your Space

There are many simple improvements that you can make to your home to up the happiness level. But nothing might be as simple, effective, and quick as finding the best outdoor rug to spruce up your outdoor living area.

Get In ShapeHow To Choose The Best Outdoor Rugs for Your Space

Assess the area you have to work with – your outdoor space is just as important as indoor. If it’s a small space, then a small rectangular mat can do the trick.

You can add to the texture and depth of the area with a more surprising shape – a circular rug is more unconventional but always adds a beautiful touch to the area and softens up the rest of the sharper angles.

An oversized rug can drastically change the look of any area – throw down a huge rug outside and give your outdoor space one of the best outdoor rugs you can ask for. A big rug helps cozy up to the area and make it feel like your home outside of a home.

Can it Weather the Weather?

The area where you live will determine what type of material you get for your mat. If you live in a relatively temperate climate, you can choose whichever material you like, such as cotton or wool.

However, suppose you live in an environment with more aggressive weather. In that case, you might want to lean more toward rugged materials such as natural fibres, synthetics, or a Waterhog mat, a water-resistant outdoor rug.

These are some of the best outdoor rugs for rain. If your weather is unpredictable, and you see all weather types, then lobster rope mats are durable in all weather conditions, making them perfect for those homes where you cannot predict the weather from one day to the next.

Color Inside the Lines

Adobe Color CC.

Choosing which pop of color to add to your area can be simple if you have the right tools. To get the best idea on what colors would look best together, there are tools like Adobe Color CC.

You can see which colors are complementary to the scheme your outdoor area already has, or which work in a monochromatic sense.

You can also stay up to date on your color psychology and see what kind of vibe you’re trying to evoke from the rug that you choose. Study up, and use color to make people feel a certain way when they step into your outdoor space.

If you need a place to find all the best commercial outdoor floor mats available in every color, you’ll want to read more about it. Eagle Mat has a comprehensive list of outdoor rug types and where to buy them.

Get Your Own

It’s time to stop reading about it and get that outdoor living space looking like you’ve always wanted it to.

Hop online and get the best outdoor rugs for your area, now that you’ve narrowed it down and know exactly what you’re looking for.

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