Seven Fun Ways To Make A Bit Of Extra Cash

Written By Alla Levin
June 13, 2018
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Ways To Make A Bit Of Extra Cash

When our paychecks don’t quite stretch far enough each month, it’s common to find ourselves frustrated with our inability to save. Hours can be spent putting together a budget, but if you really can’t give up those little luxuries, having enough money to cover them could prove difficult, and not every one of us is willing to take on a second job just for a bit of extra cash.

While a short-term loan could provide a solution if you find yourself in a financial emergency, covering those ‘treat’ purchases could require a bit of smart thinking. To get you started, we’ve put together a simple list of seven ways to make a bit of extra cash that could prove fun too!

Get Pet-Friendlyshort term loan

If your phone is constantly in your hand, why not try and make some money from it? From survey apps that payout in vouchers to services that allow you to test new apps for cash, your hours spent scrolling Facebook or Instagram could be switched out for a bit of casual money-making.

If you are into making money online or perhaps winning it, online gaming can be a great way to do this. You can find online casinos from anywhere, for example, Online Casino African Continent is a popular option. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are countless ways to earn a bit of cash while spending time with the beloved furballs.

Busy businessmen and women can find that their pets go neglected, which is where you can swoop in and save the day! Offer pet sitting, walking, or grooming services (if you have the skills!), and you could earn quite a substantial amount during your spare time!

For pet walking or pet sitting, the only things you really need are love, affection, and a mobile phone. With countless apps, including Rover, Pawshake, and PetBacker, available at the tap of a screen, you can connect with people looking for care for their beloved animals and start this side ‘career’ with ease.

Start A PodcastStart A Podcast_1

Podcasts are already a prevalent content form, and with 50% of households listed as podcast fans in 2021, this is only set to grow.

However, for those of us wanting to capitalize on this popularity, it could be as simple as finding an interesting topic, subscribing to a podcast hosting, writing an equally interesting script, and breaking out a microphone.

Online marketplaces like Amazon and the iTunes store make selling your podcast ‘episodes’ to listeners increasingly easy. Once you’ve started to grow a following, you can even look for sponsorships to help boost that income a little more.

Get Making And Bakingshort term loan_1

If you have a skill, hobby, or just like pottering about in the kitchen, you can easily turn your craft into cash. The best thing about utilizing your hobby for a bit of extra cash is that it’s likely to be something that you’re doing anyway, or it could encourage you to break out into that hobby yet again.

Whether you’re making products you can sell on sites like Etsy or eBay, or you break out the mixing bowl, cake mix, and cupcake cases and get to selling the end product at the local farmers market, it could be a great way to spend your spare time while bringing in funds at the same time. The added bonus is that if there is any of that cake mix leftover, you can make peach cobbler with cake mix, butter, and peaches and enjoy some delicious dessert at home after all your hard work!

Break Out The Cameraturn your craft into cash

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer in the making, you could start selling your photos for money. Everything from photos of flowers and grass to smiling strangers or artsy silhouettes can be sold online, though make sure you get permission from the photo’s subject first!

Simply snapping on a camera or even on your smartphone and upload the images onto a site like Shutterstock, iStock Photo, or Getty Images. Every time your images are licensed by a user, you will get royalties off of their use. If you’re snapping photos on a daily anyway, what have you got to lose?

Make Music To Sell Onlinerecord your own music

If you’re a dab hand at an instrument, have a voice that is just good enough for recording but might not get you through the X-Factor, or you want to get your skill out there, why not record your own music? Independent music is becoming increasingly popular, and with plenty of experimental artists out there, even the most unique voices or music will likely have an audience. iTunes allows you to upload your music and sell it for a small fee, and while Apple will get a cut, you’ll also get money for every sale.

Use Your Skill Or Hobby To Your AdvantageUse Your Skill Or Hobby To Your Advantage

Whether you have a way with words, could build a website from scratch, or have an eye for design, you could easily sell these skills online on a freelance basis. Sites like Fiverr allow users to either sell their service or buy from these providers easily, without the need for marketing your skills to professional companies or taking on a career permanently.

Due to the cost-effective nature of outsourcing, more and more companies and small businesses alike are opting for freelance employees on projects. If you have the time to complete these tasks, this could be a great way of pulling in a bit of extra cash.

Break Out Your MobileMobile Extra Cash

Let’s be honest – we all spend too much time on our mobile phones. Whether it’s the commute home from work on public transport or simply scrolling social media during our downtime at home, our smartphones have become a huge part of our life.

If your phone is constantly in your hand, why not try and make some money from it? From survey apps that payout in vouchers to services that allow you to test new apps for cash, your hours spent scrolling Facebook or Instagram could be switched out for a bit of casual money-making.

When it comes to making money alongside your full-time job, very few of us want to spend our free time doing something tedious just for a few extra pounds. However, with one of the above tips, earning that cash doesn’t have to be boring – which one will you try?

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