Order Confirmation Best Practices

Written By Alla Levin
August 10, 2018

Order Confirmation Best Practices

What if we told you there’s a marketing email you can send to shoppers that boasts a 70 percent open rate? What if we told you that same message typically garners 14 or more seconds of its recipients’ attention?

And, what if we told you that message is considered highly valuable by 64 percent of the people who receive it?

Is that a message you’d be interested in sending to your clientele? Yeah, we thought so—read on Order Confirmation Best Practices.

Whether you’re selling ebooks online, electronics, furniture or cosmetics, these order conformation best practices will stand you in very good stead with your customers. In fact, they’ll applaud you for sending them that email we discussed above.

And, you’ll derive the maximum benefit from it—if you do the following.

Mobile: It’s Everywhere You Need to Be

According to the results of a survey conducted by Email Marketing Daily, 55 percent of email messages are now viewed on a mobile device. Therefore, that carefully crafted confirmation of yours should be optimized for smartphones and tablets.

In fact, now that you know the statistic, it behooves you to see to it that every customer-facing aspect of your business—from your site itself to your order confirmation emails and everything in between—is optimized to be presented on a mobile device, as Order Confirmation Best Practices.

Always Be Brandingselling ebooks online,

Sure, you could send a message that says something like: “Your order number 34575 is on its way. Here is your billing address. Here is your shipping address. Here’s what you paid. Here’s who’s delivering it. Here’s when it should arrive.”

And, you’d be missing a huge opportunity.

They’re going to open that email, they’re going to read it and they’re going to save it. Make it sparkle.

Use color. Infuse it with the same personality you embedded in your site. In other words, make your brand identity visible to generate excitement in the recipient and make them linger over it long enough to be enticed by everything else it contains.

Always Be Closing Too

make your brand identity visible

This will give you a chance to take advantage of what the confirmation message really represents—an opportunity to sell something else.

Launching a new product? Here’s where you tout it to people who might have a specific interest in it. Got a big sale coming up? Who better to inform than an existing customer (as long as it isn’t the product they just bought, of course).

Don’t be shy about catching their eye during the confirmation process; you’ll seldom have such an unimpeded opening to close another sale.

Ask Them What They Think – Order Confirmation Best Practices

Word of mouth is the single best form of advertising. Who is better positioned to say how great your products and services are than someone who’s bought from you and enjoyed the experience.

So, include an opportunity to provide feedback on the product and your execution. Offer the buyer a gift or a special deal on something else they’ll like—based upon their prior purchases—for doing so.

Then, when those accolades start coming in, post them to your site as social proof of how well you’re loved by your customers.

These order confirmation best practices will assure your purchasers their products are on the way and set you up to make additional sales.

But most of all, they’ll generate some goodwill and help you maintain the most important thing any business can ever hope to achieve—a loyal customer base of people who regularly make repeat purchases.

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