Five Effective Tips for Putting Together Your First Business Event

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2018
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Five Tips To Creating A Memorable Business Event

As a new business, there are several challenges you will be met with. The business’s success will largely be determined by how you deal with these challenges and overcome them. One of the toughest issues facing new businesses is finding customers and clients.

Obviously, it takes a robust marketing and advertising plan so that you can really reach out to people and start to carve out a spot in the industry for your business.

One technique that may prove to be helpful in terms of marketing is to host a business event. These events can be directed at consumers/clients and even partner vendors if you choose. It can offer a way to educate people on your services and products, drum up enthusiasm, and help with brand recognition.

If you’ve decided that hosting an event makes sense for your company, then here are five effective tips you’ll want to keep in mind. These will help ensure that planning goes smoothly and the event produces the kind of results you were after.

What is the Purpose of the Event?event coordinator

The very first tip is to give thought to the purpose of the event. Why are you holding this event? What is the goal? What do you hope to accomplish from it? What would make it a “success”? The answers to these questions will help you put together an effective event concept and hits the mark.

Pick the Best Venue for Your Specific Needs

The venue will play a huge role in just how effective your event will be. Picking that perfect venue can be tricky, and there are lots you will need to consider.

You’ll need to be sure it is available on the date you want, that it is located in a convenient area, it makes sense to your target audience, has the meeting space needed, the facilities you need, and that it fits your budget.

Rather than just speaking to these venues over the phone or checking them out online, you also recommend that you also visit them in person before you make your final decision. Online photos don’t always tell the full story, so you need to be sure you’re happy with the location when you see it in person.

You May Want to Pick a Themea few ways you can narrow it down and pick the best one

Themed events can help to really hammer home a marketing message, and they can also add to the fun and engagement of the event. On the other hand, they aren’t always going to work. Give thought as to whether a theme could add to the event, and if so, what theme makes sense?

If you do decide to go with a theme, there are a few ways you can narrow it down and pick the best one.

To pick the best theme, you’ll need to consider the message of your event, keep the concept very simple and easy to understand, pick something specific and focused, ensure it matches with your company’s brand, and carry the theme throughout the entire event (on the invitations, the program, in the decor, flyers, exhibits, presentation material, etc.).

Consider Hiring Event Production ProfessionalsHire Event Production Professionals

While there is nothing wrong with organizing a small-scale event, the larger the event, the more headaches and issues can occur. Obviously, you want things to go smoothly to reflect well on your company and projects a professional image of your services and products.

For this exact reason, it may be worth your time to consider hiring event production professionals, especially if you are putting together a sizable event.

An expert can deal with permits, fabrication of items needed for the event such as a stage and lighting, A/V equipment, and so much more. The idea is that you leave all the stress and legwork to the professional to focus on other things.

Start the Planning Process Well in Advanceprofessional event management

Finally, you want to be sure that you give yourself more than enough time to do all the planning. The more time you give yourself to plan, the smoother things will go. This also means sending out your event invites well in advance of the event date.

Let’s face it; people lead hectic lives at work, so they don’t always have time to drop everything and attend an industry event. At least by giving them lots of advance notice, they will have time to shuffle their schedule and hopefully make an appearance.

A Business Event that is Smooth and Hits the Mark

By using these tips, you’ll be able to put together a business event that not only goes off smoothly and without any major issues, but that also hits the mark and can achieve the goal you created.

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