Choosing the Right Venue for The Event

Written By Alla Levin
November 05, 2018

Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Event Venue

When you plan an event, whether it be a birthday, wedding, corporate event, or something else, you will need to heed an array of charges. For a birthday or wedding, you would need to spend on the cake and decorations, while corporate events might require you to hire public speakers.

However, booking the venue could take up the most significant chunk of your budget pie. For this reason, you need to hire an event management service that helps you get to the venue you are looking for.

Scour social media at the start of your search

It goes without saying that the Internet is an excellent place to start when looking for a suitable venue, but where exactly on the Internet? Try social media. As the Eventbrite website notes, most event venues use social media sites including Twitter, making such a site an ideal starting point.

Looking for somewhere informal? Start on Instagram. An event venue for a business meeting? Try LinkedIn. Meanwhile, Facebook can be good for finding venues that tick both of those boxes and more. Let’s see what to consider when choosing a venue for an event.

Choosing the right venue for an event: Decide how large space you needChester room hire

Before you reach out to a particular venue, consider what would be the most appropriate size of the area for your event. It’s a good idea to lean towards a space slightly larger than what, at first, you seem to strictly need – just in case you underestimate how much has to be accommodated. You might find that a venue’s website specifies the number of seats to which space is suited, but emphasizes that this is a guideline and the suite can be adapted to individual requirements.

Seek a venue already offering suitable equipment

For your event, you might need particular equipment that, originally, you had anticipated needing to source from outside the event venue. However, look closely at the venue’s website; you might find that some essential items are already provided with the room or as optional extras. When homing in on a function room for a corporate event, for example, an LCD projector and screen might already be provided, while a laptop, a flip chart, and marker pens could be options.

Choose somewhere your team can easily reach

That website could also usefully detail various means of traveling to the venue. This could help you to discern the route which would be best for you and the rest of the attendees. The Special Events website shows how this can have importance for businesses. For example, if the destination is just a drive away from the company premises, your employees could take the opportunity to embark on a road trip together and engage in team-building along the way.

Choosing a Venue for an Event – Consider what other activities are offered on-sitechichester hotels

For businesses, such opportunities can present other opportunities for team-building or, quite simply, downtime during breaks in the event. For firms based in County Durham or nearby, the cricket facilities at Chester-le-Street Cricket Club can provide a great incentive for Chester room hire – particularly if many of the employees love the sport.

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