4 Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Gamma Radiation

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2018
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Facts About Gamma Rays Everyone Needs to Know

We all have heard the word gamma rays or gamma radiations and we have also learned about it at some point in our lives. Nevertheless, you will not be aware of these amazing facts about gamma rays which this post shares.

To be simple, rays are the part of the electromagnetic spectrum and not just any simple form of radiations but the most energetic form of lightning that is found in the universe.

They are such high energy waves that it can easily pierce a metal or concrete. The following are the facts that you should know about.

1. Gamma-ray burstsGamma-ray bursts

Gamma rays are the cause of GRBs that is rays bursts. When GRB happens, they are the brightest thing that can be seen in the universe from the Earth. It can occur in any part of the universe at any time.

GRB happens when there are some bursts in the world and the time span of the GRB depends upon the event that caused it. Short GRBs remain for only seconds and are the result of neutrons stars collision.

Long GRBs can be viewed for a minute, and it is believed that it results from the supernova of a star.  GRBs are powerful and dangerous enough to roast the planet earth if they happen near it.

2. Surgeries with Gamma Gamma-Knief-Radiosurgey-Cost

As gamma rays are mighty and can easily kill humans, nevertheless from a positive point of view, it is helpful in killing cancerous cells.

For eliminating brain cancers and other medical conditions, gamma-ray knives are used. It consists of a beam of gamma rays applied to the cells that are harmful and must be destroyed.

As the gamma rays, knives are extremely focused as a result of which healthy brain cells remain untouched. Gamma-ray knives are considered a safer alternative to performing certain surgeries.

3. Gamma radiations on earthGamma radiations on earth

On earth, a major source of gamma rays is nuclear reactions. In a nuclear fissions reaction, a uranium nucleus splits and produces a lot of gamma radiations. Moreover, lightning and thunderstorms are also a source of gamma rays.

Static electricity which builds up in the clouds is the particle accelerator and creates pairs of positrons and electrons which then result in gamma rays.

Other than that rays provide light and life to earth. When hydrogen fuses into the sun, rays are produced which then combine with protons and electrons and lose energy. This energy transforms into infrared, ultraviolet and visible light.

These lights are the reason for the warmth of the earth and life sustainability on earth. However, excessive exposure to gamma rays can be dangerous. Protection from gamma radiation is very important.

4. Gamma Radiation Invented TelescopesGamma rays invented telescopes_1

In order to study gamma, scientists invented telescopes in space. Before these telescopes, it was challenging to explore these amazing radiations, as they were met with many atoms in their journey towards earth.

To observe the gamma rays, the simple lens could not have been used because they pass right through them, so individual telescopes were invented which converted them into electrons and positrons.

There are various other facts and benefits of those rays that we do not even know about. Experts are working hard to find new ways of using the rays for the benefits of mankind.

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