Overcoming Addiction: 5 Tips to Stop Abusing Drugs Once and for All

Written By Alla Levin
November 24, 2018

Tips to Stop Abusing Drugs Once and for All

Are you ready to start overcoming addiction? It will be a long, difficult journey. But these 5 tips will help make it a little bit easier to stop abusing drugs.

Addition affects every community across America. Roughly around 115 people die every day from drug overdoses.

As more and more people struggle with one type of addiction or the other, there is nothing shameful about asking for help.

Are you ready to start your own journey of overcoming addiction? Congratulations.

It won’t easy, but it will be worth it. Keep reading below for five tips to get started.

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1. Participate in Therapy or Accountability Meetingsnew workout plan

Recovery is not an easy process. Few can do it alone. After admitting you have a drug problem, one of the best steps to take is to talk to a professional.

Seeking counseling opens up doors to better understanding your addiction. Counselors can also identify possible changes to your lifestyle to help you succeed in recovery.

Starting a new workout plan or exploring alternative diets are common things that can help you work through urges and become healthier.

2. Understand Your Personal Triggers

This sounds easy enough, but you will soon realize it’s not. Identifying your own triggers will be something you start in therapy.

Triggers can be anything from stress overwork or passing by a bar you used to party at. It is especially common for injuries to trigger relapses or addiction with a different substance.

Knowing what your triggers are and having ways to cope with them is very important for recovery.

3. Change Your Surroundings while Overcoming Addiction include rehab facilities or sober houses

Pressures to use during recovery come from everywhere, including your direct environment.

Part of being successful is knowing if and when you need a break from your community or friends.

If your friends continue to party and use drugs, they aren’t able to be the support system you need. Think about family members or close friends that live in another town or state.

Could you take some time and stay there? Other options include rehab facilities or sober houses.

Here’s some more info about what these facilities include and how they could help you.

4. Work Through Urges

It sounds wrong, but it’s better to accept your urges and work through them instead of ignoring or fighting it.

This doesn’t mean giving in to the urge, but rather acknowledge why it is happening.

Urges tend to lessen within 20 minutes. Call a support person to work through your urges. Explain how you are feeling and remind yourself what you are working towards.

5. Distract and Replace

Sometimes you can’t remove yourself from stressful situations and triggers. When this happens, finding a distraction is a helpful tactic

Come up with a list of distractions you can use in times of trouble. These could be as simple as a walk or cleaning up a room.

Reading or exercise can also be a great option.

Find Your Strength in Recoveryovercoming addiction

Addiction is serious. It’s important to remind yourself that recovery takes time. With support from friends and family and the above tips on overcoming addiction, recovery is possible.

We hope these tips gave you and maybe your family members some needed guidance.

If you are looking for even more helpful information, check out our top tips to getting out of a rut and finding happiness again.

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