The Surprising Ways You’re Ruining Your Smartphone

Written By Alla Levin
January 09, 2019
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Ways You’re Ruining Your Cell Phone without Realizing It

In today’s digital world, it is common to have your cell phone be an extension of yourself. Considering that smartphones are taking over as both a computer and a communication vessel, there are more and more reasons to reach for your smartphone whenever you need something.

From social media apps, to taking a picture, checking your bank account, finding a recipe, and purchasing things online, the smartphone does it all. However, despite their hardy appearance, smartphones are a bit more delicate than we like to think.

Almost every smartphone user has had to spend money on cell phone repair at one time or the other. Usually, this is for the hardware; a broken charger port, a cracked screen, or a missing button. But what many users don’t know if there is a lot going on inside of the phone that can be easily damaged as well, if you’re not careful.

Here are some ways you might be ruining your smartphone without realizing it.

Keeping it Plugged In Once it is Chargedcell phone repair_2

It is very common for smartphone users to keep their phone plugged into their charger once it fully charged because they think this will extend the life of their battery. Unfortunately, this is not the case as it may ruin the battery efficiency. Simply put, when a battery charges, it heats up.

This temperature increase stays on the phone until it is disconnected from the plug, and the longer the phone stays hot, the more battery becomes more compromised.

Always Leaving It On

Turn off your phone once in a while, and your phone will thank you! These devices are always on and always working, so they deserve a break once in a while or else they can fall victim to a RAM crash. Make it a habit to shut down your phone each day for about half an hour to prevent this from happening.

Exposing it to the Elementsharsh weather conditions

Being on your phone during the dead of winter and the full heat of summer isn’t a great idea. These harsh weather conditions can severely impact your phone’s battery, so it is best to leave them inside if you are braving the elements.

This also goes for when it is raining out; many smartphone users don’t believe it is harmful to use their phone in the rain, but they are wrong. The smallest amount of moisture that gets into your phone has the ability to destroy it completely, so don’t risk it.

Ignoring Software UpdatesIgnoring Software Updates

It is all too easy to ignore any software updates, but doing so can be detrimental. Software updates are there for a reason — they help apps work better, your phone work faster, and help you stay protected from malware.

While it may be time-consuming, make a conscious effort to update your software as soon as you can whenever you see an update come through.

Keeping it in Your Pocketbattery efficiency

Banishing your smartphone to your pocket can be deadly. As mentioned previously, continuous exposure to heat can be detrimental to your phone’s battery and the circuit board. This will happen if your phone always sits in your pocket, so put it in a cool place with a lot of ventilation for the majority of the day.

Additionally, overheating is also a risk if you carry your smartphone with a clip, so be aware.

Your smartphone connects you to the world, so where would you be without it? Simply keep these mistakes in mind when you are interacting with your phone, and be mindful of the risks that heat, the elements, and malware can bring to your beloved phone. Your phone will thank you!

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