How to Build the Best Backlink Profile

Written By Alla Levin
February 28, 2019
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Here is How to Build a Perfect Backlink Profile Following Link Building Strategy

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there are a few tried and true best practices that can help you boost your website’s visibility and bring your brand awareness to new heights. One of these methods is creating a backlink profile, and here we explain some different tips and tricks to help you do such a thing. Click here to know more about link building.

What is a backlink?

Simply put, a backlink is a link from another website that directs users to your site. They’re also known as either inbound links or external backlinks, and having a variety of different backlinks to your website is crucial to building authority on a Google search engine page.

What is a backlink profile?What is a backlink profile

According to the best SEO link building services – a backlink profile is simply all of the different external links to your website. Not all links are created equal, and it is important to have a variety of different websites linking to you. Why? The answer is easy: search engines use bots to crawl each website and see if their content and backlinks are relevant to their supposed niches.

Considering that it’s easy to purchase backlinks to higher authority websites, if one crawler sees that a website has too many links with the same domain rating (DR), this can be seen as spammy and not an authentic link building practice.

How is a website’s domain rating calculated?How is a website’s domain rating calculated

A website’s domain rating (DR) is a score indicating how likely your website is to rank highly on search engines. It’s calculated by taking a variety of different factors into consideration building your link building strategy.

This includes content such as a blog page or marketing information, keyword optimization, the website’s bounce rate, and if the backend of the website is in good working order. Generally speaking, a website’s DR is a good measurement of its SEO, because a higher the domain rating indicates a higher quality website.

All new websites start with a DR of 0, and your goal is to get a higher DR than your direct competitors. The DR scale is logarithmic, meaning that it is easier to grow your DR from 15 to 20 rather than 75 to 80.

What to look for in a backlinkWhat to look for in a backlink

There are a few things to look for when attempting to build a link building strategy.

It is crucial to know what a backlink looks like during this process, so keep the following in mind:

  • Relevancy — is the external website relevant to your business’s niche?
  • Is the website’s company located near you? Local websites just work to enhance relevancy and authority.
  • Website traffic — how many people are visiting the website where you want a link?
  • Language. Is the other website in the same language as yours? If not, this can look incredibly spammy.

How to link building strategyLink building strategy

At the end of the day, backlinks work to build a layer of trust around your website. Here are some ways to build them:

  • Developing a strong social media presence. The do’s and don’ts for businesses using social media – are crucial to know for creating brand authority, so use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to ensure you have a solid follower base.
  • Creating a business listing and citation.
  • Build relationships with influencers so they can share your products/services on their website. This can be something like a link exchange, where you both link to each other, while simultaneously driving traffic between the websites.
  • Build relationships with other relevant websites by providing content they can share. Content is king when it comes to a good SEO strategy, and it is common for a lot of people to accept free content in exchange for a link back to your website. These link building strategies can be incredibly successful.

Above anything else, there isn’t a perfect science when it comes to creating backlinks. It takes creativity and innovation, so use this guide as a basis for building up your backlink profile and growing your business.

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