What Are the Most Popular Types of Mobile Apps?

Written By Alla Levin
April 23, 2019

The Most Popular Types of Mobile Apps in 2021

While it should come as no surprise that mobile apps represent big business in the digital age, the rate at which this sector continues to grow is truly phenomenal. Since 2016, the size of this market has grown by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.2%, whilst it is estimated to peak at $311,249 billion by the year 2023.

This market is also diversifying at a frightening rate, with several different types of apps making their indelible mark on the consumer mainstream. In this article, we’ll appraise the most popular types of mobile app, whilst asking how they’ve grown to prominence during the last few years.

Lifestyle AppsLifestyle Apps

The lifestyle genre covers a wide range of apps, from those associated with fitness and dating to others pertaining to food, travel, and music. This broad church offers immeasurable value to users, whilst it also provides apps that help people to enhance everyday aspects of their life.

So, whether you’re looking to get fit and achieve a physical goal or find the partner of your dreams, these apps provide practical help that can often be accessed for free. Interestingly, Uber’s platform is also categorized as a lifestyle app, and once again this plays a fundamental role in enabling people to successfully get themselves from A to B.

Social Media AppsSocial Media Apps

Whilst social media apps offer far less diversity, they’re widely used and enable people to connect with their various social profiles from a smartphone or tablet. To put this into perspective, Facebook boasts more than one billion daily active users, with a staggering 96% of this number regularly checking their account through a mobile device.

Social media apps also tend to fun, immersive, and colorful, whilst they play an increasingly important role in helping people to organize their daily lives and interact with friends and loved ones alike. Check this infographic to see the number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide.

Games and Betting Apps horse racing betting apps

In recent times, we’ve seen a shift away from functional apps to those that are recreational in their nature. This includes an online casino and sports betting apps, which are often free to access but extremely generative in terms of revenues. The range of these apps is certainly growing at a rapid rate, accelerated by new gambling legislation in some states, and now these applications account for arguably the single most competitive segment of the entire marketplace.

They’re also amongst the most immersive and valuable types of apps, and regularly bring users back who are drawn to the allure of sleek visual effects and enticing offers. To emphasize the significant rise in the number of sports betting apps of late, virtual wagering has grown to account for an estimated 37% of the online gross gambling yield (GGY).

Soccer, NFL, and horse racing betting apps have all proved extremely popular, enabling users to wager on a range of markets conveniently and whilst on the move.

Utility Mobile AppsUtility Mobile Apps

Utilities are generally underrated mobile apps, which often serve a basic and relatively simple function. We tend to use these mindlessly without actually thinking of them as apps too, and they include features such as reminders, flashlights, and calculators. You’ll also have a basic weather app installed on your mobile, and this provides real-time data that generally accurate.

Of course, these apps are from being the most glamorous, but they’re undoubtedly widely used and capable of providing a defined function to smartphone owners of the Most Popular Types of Mobile Apps.

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