How Businesses Can Save More on Utilities

Written By Alla Levin
May 30, 2019
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Reduce Electric Bill: Check How Businesses Saving More on Utilities

Everyone is looking for ways to cut back on the energy they use, from office buildings to homes for sale in Las Vegas. If you run a business, you’re probably well aware of how expensive it can be to maintain office space.

For new and small businesses that don’t have large budgets, paying your monthly utility bills can feel impossible.

Even if you do have the money to spend on your utility bill, you might want to try to save more and reduce the amount of energy your business uses.

To help your business save money on utilities, here are a few changes you can make.

Reduce Electric Bill: Perform an energy audit

To perform an energy audit, contact your utility company. Many companies will offer energy audits for free for commercial clients. With your energy audit, you’ll receive a preview of how your energy is being used.

This will allow you to see the areas where you’re using the most amount of energy so you can cut back. You might even find that some of the energy being used isn’t even needed, so you can get rid of it entirely.

Install motion sensorsReduce Electric Bill

Have you ever stopped to consider how much energy is being used to light areas of the office that aren’t being used?

Bathrooms, breakrooms, and hallways are all continuously lit in some offices, even when no one is there.

Installing motion sensors for your lights can help with that. Motion sensors will also ensure all the lights get turned off when everyone leaves the office, so you won’t have to worry if they got left on or not.

Check how to live cheaper with energy efficient curtains and blinds.

Program your thermostats

Thermostats that are set to heat or cool the office after office hours could be costing your business a ton of money. Set your thermostat for different temperatures that won’t require much energy when you know people won’t be in the office.

When people are in the office, try to set the thermostat to a more moderate temperature that will keep everyone comfortable, but won’t use up so much energy.

Save More on Utilities

You might think that turning off appliances around the office when they’re not in use is enough, but they can still be using up energy while they’re off. Appliances that are plugged in but turned off can still be drawing energy to them.

To ensure that no unused appliances are wasting energy, unplug anything that isn’t being used. Appliances that might not get used regularly are toasters, paper shredders, and TVs.

Maintain your HVAC systems

If your HVAC system isn’t working properly, you could be spending extra money on heating and cooling your office with few results from it. Have your HVAC system regularly checked by a professional and changing the filters can help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

You should also make sure that nothing is blocking the unit so that the air can flow properly, as well as adding fans around the office to help the air circulate easily.  

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