The Role of Skips in Dealing With Construction & Demolition Waste

Written By Alla Levin
June 26, 2019
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Role of Skips in Dealing With Construction & Demolition Waste

There is little doubt that you need best-in-class skips to deal with both construction and demolition waste. Without their assistance, you will neither be able to keep your construction or demolition site in order nor be able to get rid of the discarded materials such as wood, bricks, concrete, and plasterboards, etc.

Considering that both construction and demolition projects produce waste in large quantities, its timely elimination is utterly essential for various reasons that we will be discussing in this post.

Apart from that, skips are also crucial for getting rid of residential waste that generates from spring cleaning or occasional garden cleaning projects.

So whether you are a builder or a demolition contractor, here is why you should hire quality skips.

Eliminating Waste

When it comes to managing construction waste, you require skips both while preparing the site, and once the actual construction begins.

While getting your construction site ready, you have to deal with things like uprooting the trees, demolishing existing structures, and leveling the land, etc. All of these activities generate a considerable amount of waste, so you require skips to manage it.

On the other hand, once you finish preparing the site and start constructing the building or structure, you end up generating waste that includes damaged nails, shattered pieces of plasterboards, broken bricks, leftover concrete (that’s no longer in usable condition), and unwanted pieces of rebar, etc. You need quality skips to eliminate them from your site.

Managing The Site

Keeping your site organized without the assistance of skips is next to impossible. When you have the availability of the right size skips, you don’t have to wait for finishing a construction activity; instead, you can keep on cleaning your site simultaneously.

It will help you avoid piling up waste on your construction site.

Reducing InjuriesSkip hire bromley

There is no denying that a poorly organized construction site increases the risk of injuries multiple times. It invites falls, trips, and slips, which not only affect the productivity of the workers but also affect their health in a big way. Therefore, it’s highly crucial for you to keep the site clean to reduce injuries, which is very much possible if you rely on skips.

Increasing Efficiency

A well-organized construction site plays a considerable role in enhancing the efficiency of construction workers. It helps them move comfortably without getting worried about obstructions. They don’t have to be bothered about stepping into discarded materials that lay scattered on the ground, which can lead to injuries; so they carry out their work with high-efficiency.

Reducing Wastage

A lot of items from the waste that you generate both directly and indirectly while constructing buildings and structures can be used again after recycling. So when you hire quality skips from a reliable waste management company, they segregate all the recyclable items from the waste that they collect from your construction site and transfer it to a recycling facility so that those items can be used again in other construction projects.

It not only helps in reducing wastage but also plays a significant role in saving natural resources.

Lastly, when you rely on skips, you also reduce pollution in a big way because the waste management company Skip hire bromley, from where you hire your skips dumps only a small amount of waste in the landfill as they transfer rest of it to a recycling facility.

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