Well-Paying Professions for Men

Written By Alla Levin
June 26, 2019

Well-Paying Professions for Men

There are some careers which nearly every man in the Western world has spent some time thinking about whether or not they’d be suited for them.

Those careers include journaling and becoming a doctor, lawyer, or entrepreneur.

However, there are many other professions for men and careers which don’t come to mind as quickly as the aforementioned do but can often be even more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Here are a few job options many people forget about when deciding on a career. Some of them require college, and some don’t entail it.

We’ll go into the details of each so that you can see the full picture and decide if any of these suit you.

Male Nursemen’s scrub pants

Being a male nurse was once quite uncommon. It used to be that if you saw someone in men’s scrub pants, you automatically assumed that he’s a doctor, but today that’s totally not so. In recent years, many more men have begun to realize the benefits of becoming a nurse.

Here are some reasons to become top professions for men – a nurse:

Nurses are much more involved in caring for patients than doctors are. If you are interested in spending time with patients, and showing them how much you care, it’s possible that you’d find a nursing career to be most fulfilling.

Nursing requires less schooling. Therefore, people who have a strong desire to go to medical school often find this to be an appealing solution: You can still work in a healthcare facility and be a medical professional, but you won’t need to be in college for as long.


If you enjoy adventure, know how to keep your cool in stressful situations and don’t mind spending time alone, becoming a pilot may be an interesting idea for you.

This is an exciting, amazing career that will also teach you important life skills (aside from flying) such as making quick decisions, acting quickly, paying attention and being patient.

Flying can be an exhilarating feeling; pilots are literally on top of the world and are often in control of hundreds of people. Becoming a pilot is not for the fainthearted, though.

One of these professions for men requires a logical mind and a fearless spirit.

Welderunderwater welder

This is an adventurous job, also not for the faint of heart. Have you always loved swimming? Are you one of the best divers in your grade? If you’re determined, and you honestly believe that you’ve got talent when it comes to swimming and building, and you can spend hours on end in the pool, you may enjoy being an underwater welder. This job can include anything from inspecting bridges to recovering sunken fishing boats.

Food ScientistFood Scientist

Food scientists are the ones creating and tweaking the flavors on some of our favorite foods. Ben & Jerry’s, Jelly Bellies and other famous companies with loads of different flavored foods usually hire food scientists. These scientists make sure the food is free of unhealthy bacteria, and develop new foods.

CIA AnalystCIA Analyst

Do you know who works at the CIA? People who look pretty similar to me and you. They are regular individuals, although they may be smarter than most.

The qualifications for becoming a CIA agent are fairly simple: The main thing you need is native intelligence. Actually, according to CIA Agent Edu., specific bachelor degree programs are not a requirement for achieving CIA agent investigative jobs. If you’re a curious, determined individual, this may be your way to make a difference (and a living) in this world.

Most people find that the aforementioned jobs are not the first ones that come to mind when contemplating career choices.

However, different people have varying personalities and will enjoy different positions to varying extents. Therefore, if you feel that you’d rather find a more offbeat career than the typical, crunch the numbers, see if it’s financially feasible and if it can work, go for it!

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