The Need to Clarify the Job Description Before Accepting a Post Requiring You to Move

Written By Alla Levin
July 01, 2019

Clarify the Job Description Before Accepting a Post Requiring You to Move

You can’t accept a job offer even when the pay is a lot higher than you are getting now if you think you are unable to do the job well. You might end up regretting the decision, especially if you need to move to a different city and change the lives of your entire family.

Before you say yes to the post, you can speak with your boss first and ask about the nature of the job. You want to see if you are capable of doing it and if you will love doing it long-term.

For instance, if you receive an offer to take a leadership role, but you hate doing it, you won’t be an effective leader.

Another example is when you are in the field of marketing. Currently, you are coordinating with TV and radio companies for ads. You are excelling because you have connections and you understand the nature of the job.

If you receive an offer to still be in a marketing team, but for online marketing, you might have to pause for a while. Even if it is still under the same department, the nature of the job is very different.

The skills required are also different. If you think you can’t fulfill the role, you need to say no.

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The reason for clarifying the nature of the job is that you want to see if you could do it well. Sometimes, companies with posts of similar titles don’t necessarily require the same job. You might end up with a role that is very different from what you are doing now and regret it.

You need to study the position and ensure that you are the perfect fit for it. Even if there is a difference, you still need to pursue the plans if you can review the new responsibilities.

You don’t feel equipped right now, but you can learn new things and be useful in your job.

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Over time, you might realize that you are heading in the right direction and it is an excellent idea to accept the job. If so, you need to start packing now. The job offer might not be there forever. Another person might receive the opportunity, and you will regret not grabbing it. You might not receive the same chance again if you decline.

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After moving, the next challenge is to do the job well and excel. It takes time for you to learn new things, so you don’t need to be hard on yourself. Learn the role and be friends with your new colleagues. Eventually, you will love it and be glad about your decision.

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