How to Care for Furniture When You Have Pets at Home

Written By Alla Levin
June 30, 2019

Taking Care for Furniture When Having Pets at Home

Pets are like kids – they take over a house as if they own it. They take over the bed, the couch, virtually everywhere really. We spend a lot of money on furniture only for our pets to scratch, bite, tear and destroy with their rowdy antics.

Although we cannot avoid it from happening – because animals do not know that they cannot ruin our furniture – there are steps we can take to protect our furniture from our pets while still giving them the freedom to do their stuff inside the house.

If you follow these tips, your super value furniture will stay clean and free from scratches and marks from your beloved pets.

Use covers

Protect the surface of your furniture from hair, urine, scratches, and bites by using easily washable slipcovers. This way, your pet can still lounge on the couch without getting it dirty. You may think that the cover may ruin the look of the furniture. There are so many cover options you can choose from without compromising the furniture’s overall look.

Vacuum regularlysuper value furniture

Pet hair can accumulate on couches and beds, and it can be hard to remove once it settles on the fabric. Pet hair can stick to the furniture and transfer to clothes. Regular vacuuming will get rid of pet hair right away, not giving it time to settle on furniture.

Avoid wooden furniture if your pets chew

If your pet is notorious for chewing, then avoid buying new wooden furniture for your house. Settle for other materials that will not be as easy to chew or scratch. Besides, wood is much more expensive. You wouldn’t want to spend a fortune just so your pet can chew on it.

Groom your pet regularlygrooming tips for dogs with white fur.

Regular grooming will reduce your pet’s shedding on your furniture, so there will be less hair to contend with. Not only does grooming reduce the shedding, but your pet will always look clean and it prevents fleas from developing. Here are some grooming tips for dogs with white fur.

Color coordination goes a long way

Should you use covers, choose ones that are of the same color as your pet’s fur, so that when they shed, the hair will blend with the cover’s color, making it more difficult to spot the hair, especially if you are having guests and you don’t have time to clean the house.

Wipe messy and muddy pawshow to care for your furniture

Your pet will jump on your furniture, whether you like it or not, and if they just came in from outside the house, chances are their paws will be dirty. Have a rug ready to wipe their paws on before you take them inside the house.

Invest in a comfy bed for your pet when having pets at home

If you buy your pet a nice soft bed, they will not be on your furniture so much. They will be happy to be on their own little bed.

Now that you know how to care for your furniture without having to ban your pets inside the house or put them in their cages, you will have more enjoyment with them without having to worry about your precious furniture.

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