Top 6 Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

Written By Alla Levin
July 05, 2019
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Top 6 Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

With so many products on the market, new exciting kitchenware advertised daily, and your favorite celebrity chef recommending one item or another, it is quite a grueling task deciding which kitchenware you need and ones you don’t.

And if you enjoy cooking, you could feel a pervading pressure and nagging feeling that you’d miss out on the amazing cooking experience if you don’t have specific gadgets in your kitchen arsenal. However, the reality is, behind all the shiny items been pushed around, you can actually get by with just a few essential pieces of kitchenware.

In this piece, we have listed some of our top six kitchen gadgets you should have, even if you don’t have anything else in your kitchen. For the rest of the items on the list, you may want to visit Don’t forget to check Appliance Repair for the same-day appliance repairs for major household appliances.

Juicerhome-made juice

We love our home-made juice – a lot! And the nifty device that has allowed us over the years to enjoy a refreshing, healthy cup of juice any time we want is our sturdy juicer.

Plus, if you are a stickler for lemon and limes when preparing meals, you definitely need a juicer around to help squeeze these citruses without muscling through it. You can also get a juicer that strains out the seeds and pulp, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Electric Rice CookerElectric Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple for most people, which means they get to cook it often. And for some, this might seem quite like overkill. But, if you’re anything like me – you are concerned about using the most energy-efficient gadgets around; plus, it seemed like you can’t just cook a bowl of rice without either getting it burned, dried out without enough water, or you let it over boil – then, having this gizmo is a must.

Here’s why – they come with exact markings on the hot plate that tells you the precise amount of water for a particular scoop of rice and the level of water needed to bring it to cook; plus, how long it should cook.

Chopping boardsChopping boards

You need a dedicated surface to chop all your veggies, fruits, onions, and what have you while prepping your meals. Thankfully, cutting boards come in different sizes, varieties, and shades.

You can get a wooden chop board for all your fruits and vegetable works while you use a plastic one for your protein.

Kitchen Gadgets: Quality kitchen knivesQuality kitchen knives

According to Knives Academy, it would help if you had quality knives to go with your chopping board. And as the saying goes – every kitchen needs three knives, Japanese-inspired chef knives to handle all your heavy cutting, a serrated knife for cutting bread, and a paring knife for mincing softer items. Click here to know how to sharpen serrated knives.

4-sides cheese gratersides cheese grater

A 4-sided grater is a nifty gizmo that is sure to save you loads of time. You can quickly prep your veggies, carrots, potatoes, and much more by grating than when you decide to chop them with a kitchen knife.

Also, you will soon realize that home grated cheese tastes way better than the top of counter grated cheese; these are cool gadgets for a smart home.

Large metal or plastic colanderKitchen Gadgets

Every kitchen needs a colander, period. This often hard-beat utensil comes in handy when draining pasta to freshly washed vegetables. You can also use it to remove every last drop of your chicken broth.

So, there you have it. Six must-have kitchen gadgets to make your cooking experience memorable every time.

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