Eight Cool Gadgets for a Smart Home

Written By Vicky
August 30, 2018
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Check these Cool Gadgets for a Smart Home

A smart home is attractive both internally and externally, and different components contribute to this form of an impression.

For example, different gadgets make your home smart. In most cases, these gadgets are electronic, and they serve a specific function not shared among other devices.

Other gadgets are essential for enhancing the security and maintenance of the outlook of your home.

The exterior parts of your house need to be adequately maintained so that they appear smart and attractive to passersby.

This can be achieved through the use of different gadgets in performing various cleaning tasks.

Some gadgets make life easier and manageable within your home such that you save money since you no longer need to hire labor.

Whenever such devices enhance the smartness as well as the security of your home, you should consider them cool and essential. If you want a smart place, you can try some of the gadgets.

This guide gives you an outline of 8 cool gadgets for a smart home.  Your choice for the device mainly depends on the brand that you prefer since there are numerous in the market.

The list of gadgets below is not exhaustive. You can explore the significance of other gadgets as well and make informed decisions about the ones suitable for your needs.

Countertop Filtration System 

In most of our homes, we use piped water that is supplied by our respective municipalities.

While the tap water that runs in our houses is clean and safe for drinking and other domestic purposes, it is undoubtedly true that it contains some contaminants and other particles.

Such particles are not visible with a naked eye, and they can affect the quality of water.

For instance, the taste of water can change as a result of particles and minerals found in it.

If you want to improve the quality of water from the same source supplied to your home, you can install a countertop water filter system.

This gadget is smart, and it purifies the water of all particles and gives it quality taste.

The gadget is connected to a sink faucet, and it allows the water to run through the system with a filter thereby purifying it. The system is easy to install, and it is convenient to use in your kitchen.

The filtration system is smart in that it gives you quality water and saves you from buying bottled water for drinking to substitute tap water that usually contains particles.

Air purifying fanAir purifying fan

Another must-have smart gadget in your home is an air-purifying fan.

Apart from performing everyday tasks like cooling your home, this unique gadget is also capable of sensing all pollutants in the air you breathe.

It captures all contaminants and gases in the air such that you only breathe quality air free of unwanted compounds.

The gadget shows you real-time air quality within the whole room. It helps to protect you from contracting airborne diseases that result from breathing air that has gaseous pollutants.

The air purifying fan is also smart in that it automatically adjusts its temperature settings to suit the prevailing weather conditions.

A robot pool cleanerA robot pool cleaner

A robot pool cleaner is another smart gadget for your home. A swimming pool at home serves many purposes, and it is imperative to keep this place clean.

You need an intelligent device like a robot cleaner to keep your pool sparkling clean since the task may be cumbersome to perform manually.

A robot cleaner is smart in that you relax while it cleans your pool. You only need to connect this gadget to a source of power and lower it into the water and performs the rest of the cleaning job.

With this gadget at home, you live a smart life since it is easy to operate and it effectively cleans your pool. Your health is significantly improved through the use of this device.

Smart light bulbSmart light bulb

Philips Hue White is a smart gadget that is designed to give you the best lighting options in your home. It has two bulbs, and you can connect them to other intelligent devices through a hub.

The smart lamp is appropriate in that you can remotely adjust the intensity of the light in the home.

You may require dim or bright light at specific periods and this when the smart light bulb comes in handy.

You can link the light on your smartphone so that you do not move up and down to the switch. You can also program it to switch on or off during specific periods.

Robot vacuum cleanerRobot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning your home is a daunting chore that needs to be on a daily basis especially in the morning.

When you perform this task manually, it gets tiresome. However, a robot vacuum cleaner can accomplish the job for you if you feel that you cannot sustain it any longer.

The robot cleaner has a 360-degree camera, and it is capable of cleaning your entire house.

The gadget has sensors, and it knows exactly all the places to clean.

One thing that is exceptional about this gadget is that it navigates all obstacles in the house.

You do not need to worry since it perfectly cleans your home while you relax. It has a rechargeable battery, and it is easy to operate.

There is nothing like a robot cleaner to help you with floor cleaning.

Nest security cameraNest security camera

You can also secure your home with an indoor security camera.

The Nest Camera is a smart gadget in that you can connect it to the Wi-Fi so that it securely streams to your phone or laptop.

The camera is capable of capturing everything in your house and sends the videos directly to your smartphone.

You receive a message should the camera capture faces that are not familiar at the house.

You can also closely monitor your home using this technology from anywhere as long as you are online.

The camera is smart and convenient since it gives you peace of mind concerning security matters at home.

Best smoke detectorBest smoke detector

The smoke detector can detect smoke and fire within the house such that it enhances your safety.

It also informs you about the intensity of the fire and the ultimate danger it poses to you and the property.

The gadget operates smartly in that you only need to link it to your phone and it communicates everything with you.

The detector automatically turns on your Philips Hue lights in case of an emergency.

In other words, it secures your house from unprecedented damage to your home as a result of the fire.

Once you get a signal of fire in one of your rooms, you are in a better position to take precautionary actions before it causes extensive damage.

Smart lockSmart lock

The smart lock is another gadget that has been designed to improve security issues at your house. The gadget has features that let you know if the door is not locked.

You can also integrate it with other smart devices like doorbell and camera.

You can remotely operate the locking system of your house, and this device gives you peace of mind.

Smart gadgets play a significant role in your home since they can perform vital tasks while you do not operate them.

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Author Bio: As the Sr. Researcher & Writer for RobotsInMyHome.com, Vicky spends most of her time covering the real-world impact of the latest technologies on consumers’ lives around the world.

She writes full-time for a number of leading review and editorial publications around the web.

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