How Social Media Can Help Build Rapport With Customers

Written By Alla Levin
July 16, 2019

Customer Service Via Social Media: Build Rapport With Customers

Businesses have a vested interest in building both brand awareness and reach. As companies continue to grow, both organic and paid marketing strategies can help generate additional attention and sales – but word-of-mouth and the occasional digital ad hardly ever is enough.

Brands must, therefore, use a variety of marketing channels to generate maximum benefit, with social media being a prime example.

Through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest, brands can hone in on their target audiences and provide them with content that will encourage a loyal following for years to come.

Building this rapport with customers is fundamental to long-term success, as it helps boost sales, visibility, and trustworthiness.

Customer service via social media – today, let’s discuss how social media can help businesses build stronger bonds with their customers.

Social Media Can Personalise Your BrandSocial Media Can Personalise Your Brand

One of the biggest challenges for online businesses and brands is building connections with audiences. One of the most effective ways in which to do this is to personalize the brand by creating a human face.

Some platforms – such as email or PPC marketing – aren’t inherently conducive to this strategy (yet even they offer benefits). Social media, however, allows for a greater personal touch.

From personal updates and live streams of the brand’s day-to-day operations to customer testimonials and photos, social media allows for a variety of content options that humanize businesses.

Online businesses that fail to use social media to personalize their brands are missing out on a great opportunity.

Social Media Provides Good Customer Service Options

Whenever customers experience a problem, they usually have a few methods for resolving the situation. Historically, sending an email, submitting a ticket or calling a phone number were the only options available. However, social media now offers a unique method for brands to facilitate customer service inquiries without loads of bureaucracy.

When customers know they can send a direct message or post on your social media pages, they will be more likely to do so. Not only does this create more engagement for your social media platforms, but it provides a real-time way to interact with customers that they’ll certainly appreciate.

When shoppers know a brand will respond quickly via social media, they inherently are more likely to engage in repeat business. It also should be noted that in cases where public inquiries are made, effective handling of the situation will be visible to any and all others who may be watching.

Click here to learn how to provide good customer service via social media.

Social Media Complements the Shopping Experienceprovide good customer service via social media.

It’s often hard to tell, but brands lose a ton of potential customers due to indecision, a lack of information or no persuasive marketing. Social media is an excellent way to provide shoppers with a variety of details about various products and services, including videos that showcase them in action, user reviews, and other forms of written content and multimedia.

When marketing various products, some brands even link to social media posts that highlight the product in question (along with links to purchase). Given that social media is designed to be both interactive and content-rich, using this platform as a way to assuage customer concerns and persuade them to make the purchase simply makes sense.

Building rapport with customers via social media isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight, but all of the ingredients for success are built-in. From providing better customer service to enhancing both the personal and marketing-based appeal of your business, it’s very hard to justify ignoring this platform when seeking to build stronger bonds with your customers.

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