2020 Predictions: The Future Of Interior Design

Written By Alla Levin
July 22, 2019

Interior Design Trends 2020: The Future of Interior Design

You may seem to think that 2020 is a long time away, but if you really think about it, we will be living in 2020 in literally a year and a half.

Technological advancements have really changed the way we think and do things in every industry, including interior architecture.

It is only a matter of time before technology will transform some of our practices and force us to comply in a certain manner, which may be some interior designers are not familiar with.

This is why it is extremely important for us, as interior architects, to be up to speed with all the recent technological advancements in the industry that will soon take over how we do business.

Once you have a rough idea about what is out there, you will be able to prepare yourself and be accommodating to such changes in your practice.

Here are some interior design trends 2020 or the predictions that determine the future of interior design.

Which you should incorporate into your way of doing things now because this is the future of interior design, and this is what people want to see.

Futuristic aesthetics taking over

We are living in a day and age where Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and more sophisticated technology are determining the pattern of digital trends. This means it is also beginning to have a huge impact on interior design as well as architecture.

People now prefer more modern and futuristic aesthetics in their home, as compared to the more traditional design.

Minimalism has also become a trend in interior design and this will determine what people want in their house from beds to shower panel system, being a product of digital technology.

People have already begun to embrace technology in their houses; this is why the new interior design needs to be more accommodating to these new preferences.

Working remotely

ultimate home office setup.

Another impact of technological advances is that people have become more and more connected, so much so that the world seems much smaller than before.

This has enabled people to work from home, as well as people in the interior architecture industry. A project can be completed wherever you are disabling the need for an office environment.

In fact, more and more companies are practicing this approach in order to reduce commute and rent costs. So if you will be working more from home, you need a space in your house where you can channel all your creative energy without any sort of disruptions.

Your space should be designed in such a way that will stimulate creativity so you stay motivated to keep working.

You can perhaps look into ergonomic furniture that is comfortable to work with, as designers have to sit for excessively long periods of time. Remember, your dining table cannot be your work station. Here is a quick guide to your ultimate home office setup.

Newer preferences

Millennial Generation and Gen Z

The newer generation of people demands a fresher and individualistic design for their homes. People no longer want what everyone else has, as people did in the age of our parents.

The demands to stand out, and for their home to showcase their personality and style through the design and furniture.

The newer generation also realizes the need to be more environmentally friendly, and they are determined to incorporate this approach in the way they live. This is why there is a surge of demand for products that are recyclable and reusable over any other kinds of products.

Check the major differences between the Millennial Generation and Gen Z

There is also an increase in the minimalism trend whereby people are opting for smaller houses and apartments since there is a fixed amount of land, but a growing population.

This means that interior designers have to come up with ways that will cater to such needs and wants of this generation when it comes to their homes and the living situation.

Sustainabilityshower panel system,

Since minimalism is becoming increasingly adopted by the millennials, this means they are opting for color schemes that make spaces look bigger and modern.

People will also go for furniture pieces that are more durable instead of their appearance for sustainability purposes, which is why wood and glass is a popular choice.

However, in interior design trends 2020 this does not mean that people will completely disregard the appearance of the furniture pieces, it just means they will look for things that evoke some sort of emotions in them, making it more meaningful.

Lighting in these spaces will play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics of the space, which is why interior designers are now more than every studying lighting in different places, with different color schemes.

Wholesome habitsThe Future Of Interior Design

People want to surround themselves with objects that will impact them in a positive way. This also means they are beginning to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

This also will have an impact on the décor of their houses as interior design trends 2020.

For instance, people want more plants in their house, they want to be able to bring the gym to their house, and have vibrant colored paintings that give off a more radiant vibe to the room.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the future of interior design!

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