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Golf Cart and Pull Cart Etiquette

The fresh air and the beautiful countryside—the two things that would always come into mind when you plan on playing golf.

Whether it’s just for the weekend or your whole retirement plan, playing golf will be one of the best relaxing activities on your list!

Best electric golf push carts will be provided wherever the course you decide to play.

Being out there on the field, the gentle buzzing of the golf cart as you clear a hole and go on to the next one, the breeze on your face will be the most relaxing.

Although generally, golf is a one-person sport, you will still get to socialize, meet, and rub elbows with other golfers when you’re out there on the green.

Here are a few things to read before you buy a golf push cart and things you should always remember when you’re out golfing to have a seamless, bumpless experience on the course.

Make sure the cart is fully charged

Before anything else, before you hop on your electric golf car, make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged. This is so you will not disrupt the course with golf-cart malfunctions.

Each golf course has a unique cart path, and when a golf cart runs out of juice in the middle of these paths, it will not only be one golfer’s problem but every golfer who will be using that same track.

To make sure that charging goes smoothly, check the type of golf-cart chargers you will need, and never hesitate to ask for assistance or clarification in picking your very own cart. Better safe than sorry!

Don’t go joyridingGolf Cart and Pull Cart Etiquette

If you are in a golf course, you are there to play golf, not to drive around the golf cart all day. If you do this, you will become a distraction to the other golfers, and the management might force you to leave.

The golf carts are provided for you to go through the course from hole to hole without a hitch. You shouldn’t take advantage of the equipment you have been provided with, only to disrespect the management, the other golfers, and the sport itself. Always be mindful of your actions.

Avoid making noise

The sport that you will be playing in the course requires a very concentrated mind; therefore the smallest distractions, whether audio or visual, will and can affect the way a person plays their game.

Always pay respects to fellow golfers when you see someone about to take a swing and try to keep your noise minimal.

Most golf carts will have repetitive beeping sounds when on the reverse, so before you do so, check around you for other golfers who are about to take a swing or are concentrating on their ball—don’t disturb others, and they won’t bother you.

Keep the wheels clean and drygolf-cart chargers

The wheels of your golf cart and pull cart can be damaged by the different terrain of the course. This is why it is important to be mindful of the paths you will take around the course.

Terrains like deep puddles and wet grass are a few of the many enemies of your pull carts and golf carts.

You have to be mindful and be obedient with hazard boundary lines and the pathways that the course management has given because these tell the areas are likely to damage the cart’s wheels or other external parts.

Should your cartwheels and all—get dirty, clean it as soon as possible.

Pull Cart Etiquette: Remember the 90-degree rule

Some areas in the course will allow you to go off the path, but the 90-degree rule will always be applied. Most of the time, you will know this through the signages that are put up around the area or an attendant will inform you of this.

The 90-degree rule states that you may go off the cart path but only limited to the shortest distance from the path to your ball. You must stay within the cart path until you are at the point of where you are closest to the ball before driving straight toward it from the path.

This rule will not only save your golf cart from being exposed and susceptible to damage over the grassy turf, but it will also allow you and other golfers to go near your ball without damaging a more significant area of the course.

Aside from these reminders, the moment you register and enter the course, you will be given a few guidelines and some reminders that relate to their course, which you must fully abide by.

Just like when you are driving your own vehicle in the freeway, driving a golf cart is the same.

Stop signs, post signs of danger zones, and reminders to take note of Pull Cart Etiquette —they will be everywhere in the court, and they are only for the safety of the players. Respect these rules and regulations, and you will have pure, uninterrupted fun on the golf course!

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