Looking to Rent a Boat in Cocoa Beach Florida

Written By Alla Levin
October 22, 2021

Looking to Rent a Boat in Cocoa Beach Florida?

If you’re looking to go on vacation to Cocoa Beach, Florida, we don’t blame you. There are so many activities that you can do while you are in the Sunshine state – you can lay out on the beach, you can walk around the beautiful neighborhood, tan outside in the sunshine, and rent a boat in Cocoa Beach. But when should you visit Florida?

When is the best time to check out wildlife, aquatic animals, avoid tourists, and enjoy the snowbird season? We recommend going to Cocoa Beach during the winter months. After all, spending the cold winter months in the Northwestern United States doesn’t really sound too great, does it? With the dark days, cold nights, and blistering winds, we can think of a few places that are much better for your tan and your psyche – like Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Let’s see a few reasons why you should try to rent a boat in Cocoa Beach, Florida during the winter months – avoid the tourists and enjoy the wildlife.

Rent a boat in Cocoa Beach Florida to see the snowbirdsRent a boat in Cocoa Beach Florida to see the snowbirds

First off, what is snowbird season and why should you care? Snowbird season typically ranges from the late fall – around October – until the beginning of January typically spanning the off-season in terms of tourists and things to do. The snowbird season is when the weather gets “cold” and the days get shorter. Typically, the snowbirds will head back to their respective homes during the mid and late spring, marking the snowbird season from October until around April every year.

Every year, there are around a hundred thousand snowbirds that come to see the Sunshine State. Don’t worry if you don’t see any right away – there are thousands on their way. Since there are so many snowbirds migrating to Florida, you will typically see that the bird population of Florida grows exponentially during the winter months – which is very different from almost anywhere else in the United States.

How can you see the snowbirds? One of the best ways to see the snowbirds in action is to rent a boat in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After all, Cocoa Beach is one of the best spots to go to if you want to get away from the crowds, enjoy nature, and bask in the longer Floridian days.

But wait – are snowbirds actual birds? The answer is no – they are people. We think we have fooled you up until this point. Although you may have thought that this was the typical flight pattern of birds migrating to a warmer location, it is actually the Floridian name for PEOPLE who migrate to Florida during the colder months to enjoy the fewer people and crowds.

If you are one of the snowbirds who has come to the Sunshine State during the winter months, then we recommend checking out a boat rental in Cocoa Beach – you can “flock” with other snowbirds, make friends, and ride the waves.


Although you may think that we were talking about actual animals and wildlife migrating to Florida, “snowbirds” is the name of people who migrate to the sunny and warmer state during the cold and dark months. And we don’t blame them.

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