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The Whole Process Of Boiler Tube Cleaning


  • Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs and extends the lifespan of your boiler.
  • DIY cleaning is possible with the right tools and safety precautions, like turning off the boiler.
  • Professional consultation is beneficial, especially for complex tasks or when in doubt.

It shouldn’t surprise you that some household items and machines need constant care. You should regularly check them to see if anything’s wrong.

You don’t have to wait for things to worsen before you call a professional. If you wait till then, it’ll cost you much more.

All machines have a predetermined life span. If you take good care of them, they will last as long as they should. As you may already know, boilers heat water. In that process, they produce steam. We use them all the time.

So, it’s only natural that you may need to clean it occasionally. Its tubes can quickly get clogged. There can be a particle buildup inside them. These particles act as a shield. They don’t let the water get heated easily.

So, you need to use more energy and fuel to heat your water.

That is just unproductive and costly. It would help if you did something about it. You could read about the different cleaning methods on this link https://liccourtsquare.com/2019/02/25/4-types-of-boiler-tube-cleaning-methods/.

How to Start

If you want to try this process alone, there are many helpful videos and guides online. So, it is quite possible to do this without any help. There are a lot of methods and cleaning tools you can try. Each of them comes with its own perks.

You have to find the right one for you. However, before starting anything, you must turn off your boiler. It’s for your own safety. This is only a precaution. The off switch is placed on the face side of the boiler. It’s the emergency button. After you have shut it off, you have to wait for it to cool down. It could take up some time.

So, you could do something else while you wait. You will know when to start the process when it is cold to the touch. If you want, you could place some sheets on your floor to protect it from stains.

That said, now you know it is possible to learn how to fix a radiator leak or any other type of leak. Problems with radiators are quite common.

The best thing to do in any circumstance is to reach out to a skilled team of professionals either for confirmation or assistance.

Tube AccessProcess Of Boiler Tube Cleaning

The next thing to do is open the machine. When you remove the cover, you will see the vent. You have to remove this, also. Then, you will see the heat exchanger, the tubes, and the burner assembly.

You are on the right track when you see them. Using your brush, you will clean everything you see before you.

However, there’s still some sediment inside the tubes, and if you encounter difficulty removing it, consider whether it might be time to purchase a heat exchanger, which could alleviate this challenge and ensure more efficient maintenance in the future. You have to get to it. This can be the tricky part.


You can continue with your work when you have chosen the right method and tool. Many people choose the compressed–air–driven system Putzmaus America. It has special brushes that clean the tubes effortlessly. These products have been around for quite some time.

You just put the machine into the pipe. It does the work all by itself. You don’t have to do any physical labor. You won’t get a bit tired. The machines work most efficiently when the diameter of the pipe matches the brush.

Proper Use

Many would like to try out this whole process by themselves. They could learn how to do it here. When it comes down to appropriate care of the cleaning tool, you should learn how to hold it first.

It would help if you held the tool hose. If you hold it improperly, you could damage it.

The machines are placed near the end of the tube. It automatically moves inside. You don’t have to do anything. After every use, you could put some oil on the compressed air connection. T

hen, it could work for a few seconds. That way, you protect it from corrosion.

The Process Of Boiler Tube Cleaning: Finishing Touches

You have to remember to clean the unit at least once a year. You can always search the internet if you are unsure how to do it. You could also consult a professional. If you follow all of the instructions, you can use the machine for a long time.

Once you’ve cleaned everything, you need to put it back together. You cover the close and turn on your boiler. Newer models have a switch. However, with older ones, you must do it by hand.

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