5 Reasons to Stay Fit Being A Single Mom

Written By Alla Levin
August 23, 2019
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Reasons to Stay Fit Being A Single Mom

There are very few women who can fit into the pants they wore before the baby, after the baby. I have only known one or two women who were able to leave the hospital wearing their pre-baby pants.

Most women have to work to get their bodies back after a child, or two. Sometimes the more kids you have, the harder it is to get back into shape and stay that way.

It does not matter how long you have been a single mom, you still need to keep tabs on your health and well-being., including your fitness routines.

Some women wonder if there are incentives of keeping up with fitness once they have shed the baby weight and reached their desired goals.

There are five reasons why you should consider staying in shape no matter how many kids you have.

You Need Energy

Your energy will continue to get the boost it needs. Some women find the older they get, the less energy they have. There is a cure for that. Keep your body as fit as you can.

Go for a walk around the block in the morning. Now, some women do not enjoy working out. Some consider being a single mom a workout in it of itself.

However, you will feel much better if you do.

The Highbeen a single mom

Exercise releases endorphins. Your body needs that to keep alive. Do you sometimes wake up in a foul mood? Go out for a run or walk.

You will notice that the endorphins put you in a better mood, as does the fresh air. A positive attitude is a reason enough to keep fit. Remaining positive is a key ingredient to a long life.

You Need A Break

You get a break from being a “mom.” Do you sometimes notice that ever since you became a mom, that is all everyone ever thinks of you?

There are other sides to you besides being a single mom and raising a kid. Keeping fit will help you tap into those other sides that have been lying dormant for a while.

Exercise & Self-Reliance

Exercise helps you to remain focused, and remain in control of your life. That is the self-reliance you want your child to learn.

Some people focus too much on being in a relationship, and not enough focus on themselves. Being a single mom can be very powerful.

It means you do not answer to anyone but yourself, and your child. It means you do not have a partner to check with before you do something. The same thing can be said about your fitness.

You do not need to check with anyone before you go for a run. Go for it.

Japan ranks 7th in beer consumption than Australia, which stands 15th amongst all countries. The lifestyle, knowledge, health practices, standard of living are all different in Australia.

You are the master of your destiny with exercise, as you are with the rest of your life. That mastery can also add energy and self-confidence to your life.

You should never feel bad about being a single mom. You should find it empowering.

Be the Change You Want To See

 Stay Fit Being A Single Mom

You set the example you want your child to see. Your kid will become a positive force in his or her life if they see you doing the same. It is the same here. It is the same everywhere in the world.

One Final Note

You do not need two or three hours for fitness. All you need is a few moments, every few hours, doing small things like crunches or a walk or check benefits of jumping on a trampoline.

You will show your kid that fitness is both healthy and fun.

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