Why Custom Guns are a Smart Investment

Written By Alla Levin
February 03, 2022

Why Custom Guns are a Smart Investment

Custom guns are not only beautiful – they are also a smart investment. If you want a firearm that is customized to your exact specifications, there are manufacturers happy to fulfill an order. Custom-made guns are built over several weeks or months.

They are hand-engraved and oiled, built from the ground up. The materials are usually superior to mass-produced guns, and the finish is exemplary. Such weapons come at a much higher price, but if you are after a fully customized piece that fits your exact specifications, isn’t that a price worth paying?

The Appeal of a Custom-Built Gun

Buying a fully customized gun isn’t just about aesthetics and function. Custom firearms are also a good investment. Place a custom gun order with a manufacturer like Remington, and you’ll end up with a firearm that is perfectly suited to your needs. It might have been beautifully engraved, operated with extreme precision, and come with a lovely, polished walnut stock.

The exceptional finish of a custom firearm is why people are willing to pay extra for such a weapon. Not only do custom guns shoot well, but they also look superb. If this is a piece you plan on passing down through the family, it is an investment worth making.

Custom guns are not just appealing to their owner. Custom-built guns are often also appealing to other buyers, and the right specification is highly marketable. For example, a fully customized .45 will be attractive to buyers if you later decide to sell the weapon. You will have no problem recouping your investment on an attractive and eye-catching, high-specification custom gun.

Design and Build a Custom Gun

You can also design and build your gun with available skills and tools. Use 80 lowers to create your own gun if this is a project you’d like to try this year. Investing in a custom firearm design is a smart investment and an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. It allows you to have complete control over the build of your gun, resulting in a truly unique piece that reflects your personality and shooting preferences.

Gun components are readily available online, and you can add all kinds of custom elements, such as a hand-finished stock or unique finish. A custom gun is always a conversation starter. Are you ready to invest this year?

Buying a Custom GunBuying a Custom Gun

A custom builder will always be happy to sit with a customer and discuss what they want from the design. They will explain what you can have within your budget. The more detail you want and the higher the specification, the more expensive the gun. Adding additional upgrades as the order progresses will increase the final cost.

It is also essential to discuss design and build timeframes, whether the gun is intended as a gift or you would like to use it for a specific event, such as an annual family hunting trip. Be aware that a custom gun order can take several months to be completed. In addition, different manufacturers have their lead times for custom orders.

You don’t always need to spend a fortune buying a custom gun. Some manufacturers sell standard firearms with the option to personalize some of the components, such as barrel length or caliber. This is a less expensive way of securing a gun that meets your specifications.

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