Eight Tips for a Unisex Unicorn-Themed Party

Written By Alla Levin
August 24, 2019

Tips for a Unisex Unicorn-Themed Party

Unicorn-themed events have been all the rage this year, and it’s not hard to see why. This mythical creature represents bright colors, sparkles, happiness, and magic—all delicious ingredients for an awesome party.

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, an end-of-school shindig, or a long-awaited reunion – a theme party organized with bestkidsparties.com.au can bring fun to any gathering. Check out these amazing tips to throw the best unisex unicorn-themed party ever.

Start with Colorful Decorations

A burst of color is exactly what a unicorn party is all about. Think rainbow explosion, where brighter is definitely better. Make use of balloons and streamers in various shades and hues. Start with the traditional rainbow colors, and then mix it up with softer colors such as peach, pink, or lavender.

Don’t forget the silvers and sparkles! To decorate the party tables, look for unicorn-themed plates and utensils. If napkins are to be used, fold them up into unicorn shapes. The centerpiece on the food table can also be designed to look like the magical horned creature.

Hand Out Party Accessories

What better way to get guests into the party mood than by transforming them into unicorns? Well, perhaps not literally but by handing out party accessories such as conical headpieces made to look like unicorn horns for guests to wear.

“Tails” can be constructed out of shredded construction or Japanese paper. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to party accessories. For the crafts challenged, there are plenty of ready-made unicorn party items that can easily be purchased.

Create a Fun Corner Unicorn-Themed Party

For those who are quite nifty in arts and crafts, a fun corner would be just the place to enjoy a unicorn-themed party with some basic supplies plus some glitter and sparkles. That cozy corner in the living room could be transformed into a place where party guests can make their own horns, tails, or other costume accessories. Another option would be to utilize the fun corner to set up a photo booth, complete with colorful wigs, unicorn masks and stuffed toys, and other fun props.

Prepare Some Magical Games—and Awesome PrizesTips for a Unisex Unicorn-Themed Party

Games bring added fun to any party, and a unicorn-themed one is no exception—just don’t forget to prepare prizes. Spin a twist on the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” game by converting it into a unicorn.

Or prepare a piñata decorated to look like a horned creature for guests. So they can break and get a hold of some candy treats. If a fun corner was created as an arts and crafts station, there could even be a contest to see which guest can create the best unicorn horn.

Serve Up Some Fun Treats

Appetizers can be as simple as strawberries dipped in white chocolate and decorated to look like tiny unicorn heads. A fruit salad or a rainbow vegetable salad can be welcome pops of color in a bowl on the food table. Complement the food items on the table with colorful fruit juices and punches.

Don’t Be Shy on the Dessert SprinklesGet a Real Live (Faux) Unicorn!

A unicorn-themed party is a perfect excuse for a colorful cake, one that’s not only delicious but also sparkly. Don’t be shy on the sprinkles, whether it’s on the unicorn cake itself or on the many cupcakes and treats prepared for guests to consume. Sprinkles may be small, but they can add that little pop of color on an otherwise boring-looking brownie.

Get a Real Live (Faux) Unicorn!

If there’s enough budget for it, consider renting a horse or pony for the party, and dress it up to look like a unicorn. This is best done for outdoor parties or events held in open spaces, where guests can take turns riding or taking photos with the fake unicorn.

Surprise Guests with Unicorn Favors

Goodie bags are always welcome takeaway from any party. Take some colorful paper bags decorated with unicorn stickers. Also, stuff them with unicorn treats and inexpensive toys such as rainbow slime. Add in some confetti and glitter to create a small bag of “magic” for partygoers to take home after the festivities have ended.

The best thing about planning a unicorn-themed party is that it has plenty of room for creativity — there grown-up unicorn-inspired drinking. There’s no limit to what can be done with from whimsical innocence to grown-up unicorn-inspired drinking the mythical and magical horned creature.

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