Poor Battery Life – Is It You Or The Phone?

Written By Alla Levin
August 23, 2019
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Poor Battery Life – Is It You Or The Phone?

Are you tired of charging your phone now and again? Maybe you should consider finding where the actual problem lies. For a fact, it could either be your phone’s battery or the phone that needs to get your android/apple iPhone battery replacement as soon as possible.

Most of the time, it is the phone that messes us up, but you don’t want to worsen the problem by engaging in poor practices.  First, we need to talk about what we do with our phones that might cause the problem of poor battery life.

What Really Causes the Short Battery Life?

Regardless of the phone you use, there are certain things you can do, that can make your battery die a little faster. One major cause of battery drain is to have the brightness of your phone set to too high. If you are looking to use your phone for the longest time possible, you want to dial it back and keep the brightness to the minimum level possible.

Better still, you could use the setting that allows your phone to automatically detect the right brightness for your phone based on the surrounding. That way, you will be able to use your phone comfortably and will never have to use more power than necessary.

If your phone is always looking for a Wi-Fi network, the chances are that you will not use it for long enough before the battery dies. Though choosing a Wi-Fi network over data is a great thing when it comes to cutting monthly expenses, your phone uses a lot of battery power to search for Wi-Fi around.

If you don’t intend to use the internet, consider switching off the Wi-Fi at least for some time. Notifications are the other things that could be eating into your battery power. If your phone is constantly playing notification tones, then you will need to recharge it frequently, which is also not good for the overall battery life.

Save your battery life by switching off these notifications so that you enjoy using your phone for the longest time possible before needing a recharge. Other features of your phone should also be turned off when they are not in use.  Such features include GPS location, Bluetooth, and Mobile Hotspot. These features consume a lot of your power.

Some Phones Come with Really Poor BatteriesPoor Battery Life - Is It You Or The Phone

The practices above can help to improve the battery life of your phone. But what if the phone already has a poor battery? This can be a little more problematic.  After all, what feels better than having a phone that could last more than five days before needing a recharge? Whether second hand or brand new, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has amazing battery life, and anyone who is interested in long battery life should go for this device or similar ones.

Make sure the phone you buy has a battery capacity of about 3,000mAh. Anyone who is tired of using a phone with a battery that dies on them every time should think of buying phones with such batteries. Many iPhone and Huawei devices also come with excellent batteries. But after some time of use, poor battery life may come. That might be the time to replace the battery or the device entirely.

Replacing the phone will not cost you much if you can find a good second-hand deal online. Check tips on how to extend our phone’s battery life.

The Final Thought on Poor Battery LifeSamsung Galaxy S8 plus

Before buying a phone, you need to ascertain that they have a good battery capacity. Some companies play games in this part, so you should consider reading online reviews so that you don’t rely on luck.

Some phone models come built with batteries that are meant to serve for the longest time. Usually, such phones cost a few more pounds compared to the ordinary ones, but isn’t it worth it? You can lower your costs by looking for a good second-hand deal.             

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