8 Creative Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Written By Alla Levin
August 27, 2019

Check these Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events like parties and team-building activities are only a few of the times when you can let your hair down in the presence of your boss. When planning a corporate event, it is essential to ensure that there is something fun for everyone.

The right entertainment and activities will determine if the event is worth remembering for a long time. When choosing activities and entertainment, you need to consider how they fit with the goals and theme for the event. You also need to consider the venue, as well as the budget allotted for the event. Hopefully, this article inspires you with the ideas listed below. Check the information on fairground hire for more details.

Fairground hire

A fairground hire is quite popular these days because you can get an all-inclusive service from the same vendor. Apart from rides and game booths, you may also get food carts. What’s great about a funfair hire is that there are a variety of activities to choose from.

There are adult rides and children’s rides, and if you are looking for something more exciting, there are also thrill rides to challenge those who are willing to give them a try.

Make food and drink stations interactiveChoosing the right venue for your event

Adding an element of interaction to the preparation of food and drinks will be a delight for attendees. Some examples include a do-it-yourself cocktail bar, a doughnut wall, and a station for stir-frying easy dishes. You can also add a customizable dessert bar where kids can have a lot of fun.

Photo booths that connect to social media platforms

Choosing the right venue for your event, you might think that a photo booth is outdated, but the new approach to this activity is social media. Everyone loves posting selfies and GIFs on Instagram and Facebook. Why not make it part of the corporate event? Hire a photo booth vendor where the images, instead of being printing, are uploaded directly to social media platforms.

Customizable party souvenirs

If you are giving away swag to the attendees, make sure that it is something they want. You can set up a souvenir station with all kinds of things so that the attendees can pick and choose what they prefer.

Hold surprise contests

During the event, you can host raffles and games to liven up the mood. Something like a scavenger hunt or a trivia contest related to the business will foster friendly competition among attendees.

Hire a stand-up comedian

If you are hiring a comedian or fairground hire for the event, make sure that it is someone who does shows for corporate functions. This way, you can ensure that the performer will only use clean language and jokes that are business-related.

A caricature booth

Caricatures will double up as souvenirs for the event. Attendees will have fun having their portraits made into quirky caricatures. To maximize the entertainment, you may also have the work projected live so that other people can witness the artwork come to life.

Music from a cover bandA fairground hire

Depending on the theme of the event, music may come from a cover band performing songs from a particular decade. It is an excellent way for attendees to reminisce about the songs they used to love when they were younger.

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