Get into Your Top Medical School by Acing the MCAT This Fall

Written By Alla Levin
September 12, 2019

Getting Into Top Medical School by Acing the MCAT This Fall

Are you trying to get into a top medical school this fall? Acing the MCAT this fall will take a lot of studying and preparation. While it’s often used in lieu of standardized testing, there is no margin for error.

Many students are probably trying to get into the same school that you are, and this makes it even more important to have one of the top scores. Don’t expect it to come easy either. Getting top marks on the test will require a lot of preparation and studying. Here are our top tips for potential medical students:

MCAT Changes: Register Early for the MCAT

Registering early is an essential first step that you won’t want to overlook in order to be doing well on the MCATs. The best approach will be to register as close to the date that enrollments open as you can. This will allow you plenty of time to prepare. On top of registering early, you’re going to want to make sure you schedule as much study time as you can to ensure success.

Make yourself aware of the test dates so that you know exactly how much time you have to prepare and study. This should include setting up a study timeline to make sure you are prepared for the test day. You will also want to make sure when you register that you choose an exam location that you are comfortable with and is also conveniently located close to where you reside.

Properly Prepare for the MCATTop Medical School

Upon registration, you will receive a rundown on what to expect from and during the exam. Make yourself familiar with these aspects as it’ll prepare you for what’s to come rather than letting you get caught off-guard or unprepared.

This is also where you’ll want to find out about MCAT changes so that you can ensure that you’re using the best study materials.

Study for the MCAT

Now that you’ve made it a point to find out about MCAT changes, it’s time to get to studying. Make sure you get your hands on the best study materials out there. By doing this, you’ll greatly increase your odds of standing out among the top scorers.

You need to plan on studying a lot for the MCAT. If you know someone who has already taken the MCAT, it could be helpful to borrow their study materials, notes, etc. as well as ask them questions about the exam.

Talking to someone who has first-hand experience with the exam can benefit you greatly.

Join a Study Grouptips for potential medical students

It will be beneficial for you to find a local study group to join. These study groups might be posted at a local college, on a library bulletin board, or reach out to college professors to see if they know of any local study groups.

If there isn’t a local study group, check online to see if there are any meet-ups in your area for people studying for the MCAT. Study groups can help you learn about tips and tricks to studying for the exam, what areas you need to focus on as well as gain perspective from others who are also taking the MCAT.

MCAT Changes: Network with Others in Your Area

Not only can you use this as an opportunity to have others help you study, but you can also enlist the help of those who have already taken the exam.

Networking is key to success, whether it be in doing well on the MCAT or meeting people who are already in the medical field. Getting into your top medical school requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you study and are fully prepared to take the MCAT, there is a strong chance you can ace the exam.

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