The Benefits of a Locally Owned Self Storage Facility

Written By Alla Levin
September 27, 2019

The Benefits of a Locally Owned Self Storage Facility

With big-name, national self-storage companies advertising heavily (and discounting heavily), it’s easy to think they are the best option. However, there are lots of reasons locally owned is best; here, we look at those reasons. Whenever you purchase anything, there will usually be lots of different choices for you to make, and the same is true with self-storage.

The difference with the choice of self-storage facility compared to the many others you make is that it is perhaps more important because it involves choosing a company that will look after your treasured items, and that means a company you can really trust.

So before you go with the first self-storage company you find or a big name you already know, consider researching your options properly and look at storing your items at a locally owned self-storage facility, here’s why view more:

They Will Know The Property And The Area

Before you place your items into self-storage, you will have to ask questions about unit size (and recommended unit size), location, security features, and more. When you call you will want to talk to someone who can quickly and easily answer your questions.

When you ring a facility run nationally, you may well speak to someone who isn’t even based in the local facility you are interested in. This means they won’t have certain bits of information, and it means they could be just reciting information they have been given.

The information they give you will not relate to what they have experienced, which means it may well not be accurate. With locally-owned facilities, those answering the phone are likely to either be onsite or work in a nearby facility.

Although this difference may not seem that important, it will make a difference with the customer service you get. It means you can trust the information you are being given because the staff at the end of the phone have experience at that exact facility.

They Carebusiness self storage units

People who work in locally owned self-storage companies don’t just work at the facility, they genuinely care about the business. Smaller businesses are built on people-power, not corporate rules and regulations, which means the success of the business is very much reliant on the people who work they are doing a great job.

Attention to detail matters, and most importantly for you, customer service matters. You might not think how much the staff care is an issue, but when you’re trying to get information, trusting a unit with your treasured possessions, and visiting a place, it really will matter.

You Can Be Flexible

With corporate facilities there is no flexibility on contract terms, switching between business self storage units, or anything else you might need to discuss. With smaller units you can often speak to the person in charge there and then and talk about what you need, hopefully coming to an agreement that suits both you and the unit.


With larger units, you might well meet someone different every time you visit if you see anyone at all. With locally-owned units, you’re likely to get to know the staff, which is great for a sense of community and reassuring for the security of your belongings.

Other Local Businesses

Often locally owned self storage facilities will affiliate themselves with other local businesses so that if you need a moving service, auction house, or anything else related to self-storage, they will likely be able to put you in contact with the right person.

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