7 Effective Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency at Work

Written By Alla Levin
October 14, 2019
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Effective Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency at Work

How do you become faster at what you do, hit your targets, and close your laptop with a clean slate every day? It is tough to maintain a level of efficiency, let alone keep up with the demands of the job.

You are expected to deal with several things and accomplish them within finite time, energy, and resources.

That’s the quest for maximizing efficiency at work, which is often interchanged with productivity. Being efficient on a given workday is a constant challenge.

But it can be done as you learn to solve problems with as many variables as your existing work presents and come out victorious.

Here are strategies that you can apply to scale or climb the proverbial, often elusive, wall that is work efficiency.

Figure Out Your Work Style

Some people are effective when they break down the task into minute parts they can accomplish. For others, they group their assignments by processes, do them in batches, and proceed.

The point is to determine the way you can handle your tasks most efficiently, embrace it, and master this working style.

Beat the Dreaded Datesbeat procrastination

Deadlines can cause stress just as much as they can motivate too. The first step is to accept their existence, that they set a project in motion and compel you to stay on top of the matter relentlessly.

In addition to the actual deadline, you can impose an artificial target date to beat procrastination. It’s great to bask in glory when you finish on or before the time.

That also means you have extra time to rest a bit as you take on the next item on your to-do list.

Go on Breaks

Breaks benefit your body and brain. Use your lunch break as a legitimate excuse to get far from your current preoccupation. Eat your meal in a nearby park, buy a sandwich, and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Have you noticed how ideas freely come when you are least pressured to think? You’ll go back refreshed and ready for the rest of your shift. It also helps to stand and move a bit between tasks, especially when you are stuck.

Snack on EnergySnack on Energy

Sitting in front of the computer, for the most part, kicks in fatigue. While the exhaustion is mental/psychological, it still has the effect of making you feel tired and lethargic.

Turn to fruits like bananas and apples with peanut butter for energy, as well as dark chocolate, to pick up your mood. Coffee is a go-to choice, but it can sometimes induce anxiety and palpitations.

For a hot or cold alternative, think of sipping matcha tea.

Multitask Not

While multitasking existed before computers and phones arrived, the latter have popularized it. Browsing, typing, listening in to a conversation or call, and doing other tasks all at once are hardly efficient.

As many things are vying for your limited attention span, you are bound to commit mistakes, miss out on the details, or worse, turn in a half-baked output. It’s best to have one mind focused on an activity, finish it, and move forward.

Maximizing Efficiency at Work: Learn to PlanMaximizing Efficiency at Work

You are set on tomorrow’s agenda until a sudden illness, a personal matter, and a force greater than you put a halt to any plans for a productive day.

Any solid game plan takes such contingencies into account because they can adversely affect outcomes. Your assignment is to answer this question: how do you prepare for random and unforeseen events that can set your goals days or weeks behind schedule?

Equip Where You Work

Messy desks tickle the brains of creatives while minimalists live for a spare look. Whichever is your aesthetic, it’s critical to surround yourself with tools that support what you do. Put your essentials (e.g., notepad, pen, and phone) within your reach.

For your laptop, invest in an array of accessories to maximize its power. An external monitor, mouse, and keyboard upgrade your setup.

You can choose among sophisticated USB hubs to connect the devices, transfer data at high speed, and charge them. The portability of such gadgets is a huge plus factor if you are always on the go.

As you go through life and spend time building your career or business, you will discover hacks, turnarounds, and avenues to be better and smarter at work.

Love what you do, and learn from it.

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