Pest Fest: 7 Signs Your New Home Has Pests!

Written By Alla Levin
October 15, 2019

Pest Fest: Signs Your New Home Has Pests

House hunting is never an easy process. What’s worse is when you find your new dream home but then you start to notice red flags here and there.

These red flags can indicate that your new house has pests and that’s never good news. You can’t break up with a home you’ve just invested in, so what can you do?

Learn the signs, of course, so you know exactly when to call the exterminator. Any home invader can be eliminated with some Responsible Pest Control so don’t worry. In this article, we have provided some signs to watch out for so you know when to pick up the phone and call for help!

Hidden but Active

This one might seem obvious, but it’s good to be aware. Pests are really good at hiding in nooks and crannies and you should always keep an eye out for them. Be vigilant when you’re in places like the kitchen, bathroom or the garage.

Pests can hide out in these places to stay warm during cold months, too. Always keep your eyes peeled for active pests.

Dead or Alive

Don’t be grossed out, because this is important. If you see a lot of dead insects around your house, chances are you have pests. Especially if these bugs are of the same species, for e.g. if you see a bunch of dead roaches on windowsills, it may mean they have a nest somewhere around the property.

Drop the Droppings

Once you see any sort of pest droppings, you should know that pests are nearby. You should assess the droppings and figure out what sort of pests have made these. A quick online search should suffice to provide this info. Once you do this, you’ll know instantly which pest problem you’re dealing with.

Don’t Let them Nest

Certain pests like mice or roaches tend to make nests and settle in. They live in colonies and if you find a nook or cranny where they are, get ready for a teeming nest. Use flashlights to search thoroughly and find evidence of nests. These pests are pack bugs and it won’t take you long to locate where they all gather.

Find the Bottles

If your new home has a pest problem, there’s a high chance that you’ll find pest control products lying around somewhere. No one likes pests invading their home, which is why you should search for cabinets and drawers. If you see any half-used pest products, you should know what you’re dealing with.

Pest Fest: Sniff, Don’t Scratch

It’s weird to say but some pests do leave recognizable smells and odors. Rats, for example, have been known to smell of ammonia. If you smell any odd, musty smell, you should know you have home invaders. Also, assess if you have smelly garbage lying around. Open garbage with a strong scent attracts a lot of pests like roaches and mice.

Watch for Claws

Some pests, such as raccoons, will often leave claw or bite marks around. These are pretty obvious to detect. If you see evidence of bites, you know you have a pest problem.

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