Roxas City: Nice Place To Visit That You Might Not Want To Leave

Written By Alla Levin
October 23, 2019

Roxas City: Nice Place To Visit

The decision to travel to Roxas City from Batangas may prove to be unforgettable. Roxas City is boasted as being the most eco-friendly city of the Philippines touted as the cleanest and greenest among all of the cities.

It has been deemed the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” due to its superiority in marine life and serves as Northern Panay’s chief port. Roxas City is just southeast of Manila.

Roxas City is 100% tobacco-free being given an award for the second year in a row by the DOH or Department of Health called the “Red Orchid.” Smokers are not forbidden. However, there are specific areas designated for this purpose.

In addition to this recognition, they have been in receipt of the “Good Financial Housekeeping” for 2016 and 2017 for which the Department of Interior and Local Government or DILG gave the “Seal of Good Local Governance.”

They have also been deemed as having the best police department in the entire region throughout Western Visayas.

Those who live there say they feel extremely safe. Travel Batangas to Roxas City, you may end up staying. What are some other reasons to want to take up residence in this beautiful city?

Why Roxas City Is A Great Place To LiveWhy Roxas City Is A Great Place To Live

Travel Batangas to Roxas City, you may want to take more than just one bag. It is a place that most people don’t want to leave once they get there. Let’s look at a few reasons why it may be a good place to stay permanently.

  • If you are a huge seafood enthusiast, it will be a haven for you. It is boasted as being home to some of the world’s best seafood, including crabs, angel wings, which they refer to as ‘diwal,’ scallops, milk-fish, shrimp, oysters, and so much more. Because of where they are located geographically, they say this is why their seafood is so much better than any other area. It is also abundant, which in turn makes it so much more affordable for the people to enjoy. Each and every restaurant in Roxas City serves seafood on its menu.
  • The drinking water is touted as being the cleanest throughout the Philippines, and there is plenty of supply throughout each area of the city.
  • Farming and fishing make up approximately 50 percent of the economy within the City and a major part of the commuting population travel by way of eco-friendly motorcycle. The population of the city is only approximately 150,000 residents. They are gradually moving their way towards commercialization but still find that they are one of the best cities in which people can enjoy nature.
  • Roxas City is known as having one of the biggest natural bays globally, the 15th, to be exact, known as Baybay Beach. It was titled the cleanest shoreline in 2002 among all of those in the Philippines. The beach offers sand that is ebony and fine with a variety of different edible shellfish, which many of the local residents harvest each morning. There are many restaurants along the shoreline specializing in seafood.
  • The cost of goods and services is much lower as compared to surrounding cities. The standards of living are quite simple, and if you earn a good living, you will do well for yourself in Roxas City.

This City is said to have not had any recorded change in the climate. The people bask in the same type of consistent tropical experiences that they have since anyone can remember.

Travel Batangas to Roxas City will be life-changing.

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