6 Great IT Jobs Everyone Should Consider

Written By Alla Levin
October 24, 2019

Great IT Jobs Everyone Should Consider

IT is one of the most vibrant job sectors, and it will continue to be for years to come. The sector is also one of the most diverse there is, and people with an IT background can work in industries like construction, government, agribusiness, finance, and more. However, it doesn’t mean that all positions are created equal or that some aren’t prone to saturation.

This is why it’s important to take a look at all positions and choose the ones with the most potential for growth. Here are some of the best jobs for IT professionals in 2019.

Cyber Security Consultantget a masters in cyber security.

As a cybersecurity consultant, you will be asked to work with companies and help them solve some cybersecurity issues in their company. You might be called to identify possible areas of concern, create a cybersecurity policy, or give them advice in case they want to start initiatives like “bring your own device” or move to a more agile workplace.

What’s great about becoming a cybersecurity consultant is that you’ll be able to be your own boss and work in a wide variety of industries. No two days are the same as a consultant, and you may be asked to go across the country or the world to meet clients. This is one of the most fun and fulfilling careers in IT, and one that pays pretty well.

If you want to become a cybersecurity consultant, one of the things you could do is get a masters in cyber security. You don’t necessarily have to go through a traditional program though.

You can get a cybersecurity degree completely online nowadays. Not only does this program lends itself perfectly to online learning, but you’ll get the exact same level formation as with any other program. You’ll also be able to follow your program at your own pace if you’re already working in IT and would like to specialize yourself.

Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers are responsible for building hardware devices. They use advanced computer engineering to either build hardware for companies as products or for use solely within organizations.

They might also work alone or as part of a team to troubleshoot and correct issues with various systems. These are some of the most well paid entry-level IT positions, and the average hardware engineer can usually make around $80,000 per year on average.

Video Game Designer

The video game industry is absolutely booming at the moment, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. The sector is valued at more than $100b at the moment, and this value has nearly tripled over the last 10 years.

This leaves tons of opportunities for people who may want to work in the industry, starting with game designers. In this career, you might be asked to overlook a whole project or work on specific aspects, like animation, character design, textures, environments, etc. A game designer may also be responsible for testing games for bugs and releasing updates.

The future prospects for video game designers are very bright, and job openings are expected to grow by 30% from 2015 to 2025, which is far higher than the national average.

Increasing demand in the mobile sector may be responsible for part of this growth. Not to mention that new technologies like augmented and virtual reality are yet to really hit the mainstream gaming market.

We can expect those to also boost demand for qualified designers with specific experience with these technologies in the future.

Web Developerget a masters in cyber security.

Becoming a web developer is a great IT Jobs for anyone who has a love for websites and an artistic side. It is also a great career for people who value their freedom and would like to work for themselves.

Web developers are highly sought after these days, as every business needs a website. Demand for web developers is still very high and jobs are expected to grow by 15% from 2016 to 2026.

As a web developer, you might be asked to build websites for companies, update and upgrade their website, or work as a freelancer. Businesses are also constantly trying to improve user experience these days.

As a web developer, you will be able to work with them to make sure that visitors get the best experience when visiting their sites. You’ll also be able to test websites for various metrics like conversions and help e-commerce businesses improve sales by making adjustments.

Health Information Technician

The healthcare industry is set to be one of the largest employers in the country for the next few years, and becoming a health information technician could be a great way to capitalize on this.

As a health information technician, you will be responsible for handling important patient information, compiling this information, and retrieving it for different healthcare professionals or departments.

These are some of the most important workers in healthcare, as they are responsible for making sure that patient information remains secure yet accessible at all times.

Job growth for health information technicians is expected to be higher than the national average at 13%. They are also paid fairly well at around $50,000 per year on average.

Network Administratorcareer in information technology

Network administrators are responsible for setting up networks, monitoring their activity, and making sure that they are secure. Network administrators are at the forefront of cybersecurity and also have to make sure that all components of your company remain connected.

Companies are constantly investing in new IT infrastructure and solutions as technology advances, guaranteeing the continuation of the boost of demand in the sector.

Network administrators also have a very diverse job and have to work on different issues every day. The growth of the mobile workforce will also push demand for administrators who are well versed in mobile and hybrid networks.

Conclusion on IT Jobs

All these positions are perfect if you’re interested in a career in information technology that will both be rewarding and pay well. Make sure that you give all of these some consideration to see which ones would be the best for you.

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