How Lawyers Can Help Save the Planet

Written By Alla Levin
November 08, 2019

How Lawyers Can Help Save the Planet

For some, when the word “lawyer” is heard, they immediately think of the caricature of evil, a high-powered lawyer. However, this stereotype is getting debunked more and more every day, with activist lawyers becoming more prominent. These are the kinds of lawyers that can help save the planet; they dedicate their time and careers to championing human rights, doing environmental work, and working for and with charities.

With more science-backed studies showing how the environment is greatly at risk being published at an alarming rate, and the increased urgency in which humans need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution drastically, environmental lawyers are desperately needed to help the cause from a legal and corporate perspective.

Here are some ways that even the most junior-level lawyer can back the cause.

Increase visibility

Lawyers who are involved need to raise awareness for the cause so that others are aware of what is happening and what work needs to be done. The fight needs to be highly publicized to help get others to come on board; otherwise, there is a risk of not being seen or heard. Doing so requires good branding and marketing, not only for the cause itself but for the firm and any lawyers who are taking on the work so they can attract other organizations who want to get involved, as well as any talent who wants to lend their services.

In today’s digital world, raising awareness means having good marketing and branding to help tell the story. When it comes to the lawyers involved, having the right tools, including a social media strategy and a quality website, can make all the difference. Just Legal Marketing can help with a website that is specifically for law firms, so your branding and marketing efforts can speak directly to the right audience and help find clients who want to work with you.

Recruit the right helpTake on pro bono work

Environmental lawyers and energy lawyers are needed, yes, but so are a team of other professionals. Building the right team with the right talent and knowledge is imperative.

This team can include property lawyers, corporate lawyers, property, and land use lawyers, and transactional lawyers to help round out the field of expertise. Recruiting and working with the right people is necessary to help understand the ins and outs of the various complexities that can arise from these kinds of cases against large corporations, governments, and other entities that are putting profits and short-term gains ahead of long-term effects and environmental damage.

Take on pro bono work

When it comes to charitable work that is for the greater good, like fighting to make massive changes ahead of climate change devastation, there often isn’t a person or entity that can offer a huge lump sum payment once the work is complete. Some cases require the lawyers and firms involved to take on work that is on a pro bono basis as more of a volunteering effort.

There are two excellent reasons why taking on pro bono work is important. One, it can provide a massive benefit to a community, regardless of its size, that may not have been otherwise available. Legal skills and knowledge is in high demand, but in short supply, and in the specific case of fighting to lessen the impacts and causes in terms of climate change, there may not be someone to “hire” you to complete the work.

Two, it can increase and improve your profile and reputation as a lawyer or law firm, both exposing you to new and valuable perspectives and gain critical experience to help advance your career or grow your firm.

It’s a win-win scenario that only requires you to believe in the cause and work hard towards the end goal.

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