5 Clichés About Betting You Should Avoid

Written By Alla Levin
November 11, 2019

Clichés About Betting You Should Avoid

In gambling, there will always be winners and losers but when it comes to betting with your cash, you will want to avoid being on the losing side.

There are a number of clichés and well-used idioms in betting, some of which can help you and some that are definitely more of a hindrance. These five betting clichés you need to avoid if you want to improve your game.

Betting Too Much

In the films, we often see gamblers betting their life savings or a huge wad of cash, but this can lead to having unrealistic expectations of how much success you’re going to have. It’s never a good idea to put more money into your bankroll than you’re comfortable or willing to lose.

If it’s needed to pay bills with or is otherwise allocated, then you shouldn’t be betting with it, even if you’re confident of your bet. Betting requires a lot of diligence and discipline and while it can be a great money maker, you should avoid betting large sums of money.

Chasing Losses

The cliché of chasing your losses is what sets smart bettors apart from the average punter. Chasing your losses when you’re on a run of bad luck is never a good decision, and a smart bettor will be able to take into account their past losses when considering their future bets.

If you’re on a string of bad luck, it’s always a better choice to quit before you lose more than you’re financially comfortable and starting again when you can approach a bet with a fresh perspective.

Stringing Bets in PokerStringing Bets in Poker

A classic cliché that is often portrayed in films is that poker games look like players stringing bets, upping one another’s bets to crazy amounts.

Of course, while this is great for the movies in terms of heightening the excitement and tension, it’s not so wise for real-life poker pros. Anyone who knows anything about poker should know not to be drawn in to stringing bets and fold at the right time.

Psyching Out Other Players

Another Hollywood cliché that filmmakers use is that poker players are always conning other players and raking in the wins.

The central aspect of this cliché is that poker players play psychological games to psych out their opponents, but in real-world gambling, this wouldn’t be tolerated. In fact, in a real casino, players doing this would likely be thrown out of the game for dropping clearly distracting one-liners.

Basing Your Bets on Luck

Lady luck is often associated with gambling and while she plays her part, it’s an overused cliché that betting is purely based on luck. If you think you don’t need to do your research when placing a bet, you’re unlikely to have much luck.

Nothing could be further from the truth, particularly with sports betting, and you need to be prepared to look at the details of a game or a bet if you want to be successful, even just giving the results for today a glance.

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