Wall Stickers – A New Alternative to Bored Wallpaper

Written By Alla Levin
November 19, 2019

Wall Stickers – A New Alternative to Bored Wallpaper

The decor of the interior is an expanse of imagination and the ability to create exactly the space that meets all your aesthetic needs. And first of all, it concerns the wall decoration, because with it any design begins.

What designers did not come up with to decorate the walls of residential or commercial premises. Painting, ordinary wallpapers, and their analogs – photo prints, various natural materials, and super-technological new mixtures.

Wall design has its trends because it is simply impossible to dwell on a certain type of decor: everyone has different tastes and needs. And for different styles in design, finding a unified decor is not easy.

But is it really impossible, as it seems? One of the most universal solutions for decorating walls in a room is … wall decal! Special vinyl curly images or text definitely attract attention, because they are immediately noticeable.

What Are Wall Stickers?

Good wall stickers in the interior are made of vinyl self-adhesive membrane. This is a sturdy material, it is not afraid of moisture, it easily glues, holds firmly, and is easily removed. The sticker consists of a vinyl base and an adhesive layer, which is covered with a special protective backing paper.

The sticker is applied to almost any surface: on a painted wall, on metal, or plastic. Stick it on a window or door, on a refrigerator or a washing machine – it will hold equally tightly and will not lose its shape or color. Vinyl stickers are a quick and budget way to update the interior without building dust, paint, noise, and other joys of repair.

Due to the variety of drawings, colors, sizes, and the ability to make an image to order, everyone will find something to their liking. And vinyl stickers do not fade or deform over time, so they will delight owners until they think about the changes.

There are no materials without flaws. And the stickers have a drawback too: sometimes vinyl stickers are difficult to stick and remove. For example, paper wallpapers will definitely not want to part with this decor item – you will have to change both. Also, despite their resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity, the so-called mechanical stress (read: sharp cat’s claws or playful children’s hands) they may not survive.

What Stickers To Choose for Decoration?What Stickers To Choose for Decoration

Today, an infinitely diverse market allows you to place an image of anything on a wall, floor, or ceiling. Do you want to admire a portrait of your beloved actress every day? You are welcome. Maybe for happiness, you do not have enough pictures of a cat next to the bed? Now fix it. You can enumerate all the possible options ad infinitum, so we will talk about the three most popular and universal motives.

  • Vinyl stickers for the interior with animals and plants will help you feel closer to nature. Thanks to a variety of performance styles, such stickers can be selected not only for a motley nursery but also for a classic bedroom or a cozy living room. Focus on one large image or think over the whole composition. The only limiter here is your imagination.
  • Stickers with silhouettes of people, objects, or buildings are usually very expressive. A great way to emphasize the interior.
  • Inscriptions: The walls of the house can not only listen but also speak. Stick a sticker with an inspirational phrase in your bedroom or place your favorite quote on the wall in the living room. And for various commercial projects, quotes and inscriptions are a must-have.

However, the diversity of wall stickers is not limited to these motives alone. If you want to see what other ideas you can use in your decor with stickers, check over here. And if you are looking for ready-made ideas, today on the Internet there are thousands of interesting ideas that you can both use in a finished form and be inspired by them for your own author’s decor.

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