How to Protect Your Smartphone from Intrusion and Data Theft

Written By Alla Levin
December 17, 2019
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How to Protect Phone from Being Hacked: Protect Your Smartphone from Intrusion and Data Theft

The times when our mobile phones served us only for calls and texts are long gone. We’re used to doing everything on them nowadays. It’s no surprise that the term smartphone was born.

The mobile devices have the power to support all kinds of software, and a lot of people are taking full advantage. They buy stuff, check their email, browse around, and so much more.

Many of those activities include some level of risk. If you are using personal information or real money, for example, on shopping apps or online gambling apps, you should be extra careful.

This article will explore some of the best ways to protect your smartphone.

Update Your Operating System Regularly

One of the most important and yet, most underrated safety rules is to update your operating system regularly.

Every time a new version is up, it means that the team behind it improved the security and addressed all known problems with the software.

If you don’t add the latest version, chances are, there could be some exploits. Harmful third parties might use them to access your information and steal your data.

The good news is that most smartphones usually notify you when a new update is available. Take advantage and keep your software up to date.

Use Additional Antivirus Software

The vast majority of smartphones nowadays come with a built-in antivirus app that is decent or even more than that when it comes to iOS.

And yet, adding extra protection certainly is a good idea, especially for people who often use sensitive apps.

There’s a long list of antivirus programs for all mainstream devices that will do the job, and a lot of them are free. Make sure to get one.

Lock Your Screen and Your SIM

The first two tips here are software-related, but the good old theft is something to consider too. Someone might steal your smartphone, or you could simply lose it.

Both scenarios are unpleasant already, but imagine how bad it could get if someone misuses your personal information and money.

The easiest way to prevent such a scenario would be to lock your phone screen and sim card. You can do the former easily on iOS and Android, through the features that come with your device by default.

As for the SIM card, putting a pin would be enough. That would be sufficient protection, as people won’t be able to take it out of the phone and use it on another device.

Set Up the Localization Feature of Your SmartphoneLocalization Feature of Your Smartphone

All popular manufacturers of mobile devices add an app that could help you localize your phone, in case you use it. It’s called “Find My iPhone” on iOS and “Find My Device” on Android.

You only need to spend several minutes setting them up, and you will have access to plenty of useful features. If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you will be able to localize it, lock it remotely, or even force a ring.

Use Your Common Sense to Answer The Question “How to Protect my Phone”

Most of the people who have security problems actually suffer from their own negligence. You should always refer to your common sense when using your smartphone.

Don’t open fishy emails, don’t follow suspicious links, and don’t use unsecured networks for important apps.

Also, make sure to use safe passwords and protect your personal information. Simply don’t do stupid things that expose you to potential thieves is the answer to “how to protect my phone” from being hacked

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