7 Trends that Could Transform Online Casinos in 2022

Written By Alla Levin
December 30, 2019
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Trends that Could Transform Online Casinos in 2022

After two decades of being a legal industry, the online gaming market has been disrupted so many times that what was trendy a few years ago could be unimportant in 2020.

Downloading games, for example, was compulsory at one time. But with the advent of instant play, casino game players don’t need to download software any longer. Similarly, you don’t necessarily need a laptop to play online slots. Most smartphones support gambling games, including classic games. Against that backdrop, here are seven trends that could define how people play online casino games in 2020.

Live Dealers

Live casino games were all the rage in 2019, and deservedly so. They are unique, innovative, and engaging. Their social aspect is particularly vital because most online casino games could not always bring together social gamblers. With live dealers, you can play blackjack or poker around a table of fellow human players. You can view each of your opponents, thanks to web cameras.

You can talk to them or chat with the human dealer who usually stands in front of a decorated gambling table located in Las Vegas, London, Macau, or any other prominent city.

Live dealers’ social aspect will continue to steer them into popularity in 2020. Some people will want to join tables that offer welcome bonuses. Others will look for casinos that provide less known variations of blackjack or roulette in live settings. All in all, live dealers will continue to trend in 2020.

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been changing the world for the past five years. In manufacturing, humans have been replaced by robots that assemble all major car parts. In retail, brands like Amazon have come up with digital assistants to help people shop using voice commands.

Now in gambling, online casinos will hope to tap on AI to help the market and brand themselves more efficiently. More precisely, they can use AI for marketing, publishing content, advertising, and customer service.

In marketing, AI helps collect detailed information casinos could use to expand their sales revenues. It could also help them automate the marketing process, in turn enabling them to save on costs. In customer service, AI is the reason almost all top gaming sites now have chatbots for communications.

In 2020 and beyond, AI will impact the gambling industry more than ever before. From developing advanced games to customizing bonuses, finances to security, artificial intelligence could be a big game-changer.


Technology isn’t the only thing revolutionizing the gambling scene. There’s an increasing focus on personalized services to different customers. So, the next time you visit your favorite casino, don’t be surprised if you get a different bonus from everyone else.

If you are new to gambling, first read online casino reviews to find the best casinos. Choose a few sites offering irresistible bonuses and try them out. With time, it will be easy to determine which platform knows how to personalize its services accordingly.

Personalization in the casino industry comes in many ways. First, you can be allowed to use a gambling website using your native language. That includes contacting customer support. Then there’s the issue of depositing and withdrawing money. The best casinos support both international and local banking options for their players’ convenience.

According to Forbes, online businesses have a lot of reasons to personalize their services. They benefit from:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased sales
  • Enhancing their brands
  • Better customer loyalty
  • Cross-platform selling through mobile devices

Mobile Gambling

Experts believe mobile gaming is the future of the casino industry. And they are a lot of facts to back these claims. For starters, more people now own smartphones than desktops and laptops. On the other end, most online casinos have been designed to support mobile devices.

Of course, there’s the issue of preference. So, no matter how popular mobile gaming becomes, some people will prefer to gamble on their desktop devices. However, all signs point toward mobile gaming becoming tremendously prevalent in 2020 onwards.

After all, mobile casinos are every bit as efficient as traditional gambling sites. In fact, there’s no difference in how they operate. The standard mobile casino works on popular browsers. It comes with welcome bonuses and supports nearly every popular payment method.

In light of these details, some people prefer to play games on their mobile devices. What’s more, mobile devices offer better convenience and portability.

AR and VRAR and VR

Regardless of what some people say, AR and VR have a bright future in the gaming sector. Augmented reality is particularly impactful in the mobile industry. It helped elevate Pokémon GO into the world stage in 2016. And it could soon help slots players play their favorite games while they mesmerize at the streets of their favorite cities in the background.

Virtual reality, on the other end, immerses you into the gaming world so that if you are playing online poker, you feel as if playing at a real casino. At least a dozen online casinos support VR games. And looking forward to 2020, more and more platforms will help VR gaming.

Creative Games

In the last couple of years, casinos and game developers have become exceedingly creative. Take Megaways slots as an example. Big Time Gaming introduced these games in 2016, and they have been dominating online casinos ever since.

Blockchain casinos aren’t exactly new, but they have also been gaining popularity significantly fast in the last several years. Most casinos rely on the blockchain for payments through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other virtual currencies. In 2020 and beyond, casinos will continue to tap on innovation to make players’ experiences better.

The TakeawayOnline gambling trends

Online gambling trends change frequently. But some, like mobile gaming and VR, will be around for a long time. Personalization and AI also look promising, especially artificial intelligence, which has been disrupting the world in almost every aspect. All in all, 2020 looks to be a great year for the online gambling sector.

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