What Are The Three Primary Activities In The Business Intelligence Process?

Written By Alla Levin
January 02, 2020

Three Primary Activities In The Business Intelligence Process

The business intelligence process allows you to make changes the company could benefit from. At the same time, there are identified needs and justified decisions, which reveal the possible options for those changes. The main task of business analytics is implementing a specific solution, after which changes are made in a company.

This solution considers identified business problems and includes various options for troubleshooting. It can be radically new plans, organization optimization, or a change in its current business processes.

Business analytics deals with an extensive range of issues described at https://greenm.io/. Therefore, business analysts often specialize in a specific area of this field. There are 3 such areas.

Strategic area

Strategic issues in one form or another arise in any company from time to time. Business analysts who solve the problems should be able to analyze the strategic goals of the company and the needs of the target audience. Then they pass their insights on to the senior management, who consults with them about suitable solutions.

Architectural Areabusiness intelligence examples

An architect, another analyst, must make the necessary changes to help solve the current problems that a strategic analyst found out.

The architect should understand the business, develop requirements, analyze the audience’s interest, and model the business process. He doesn’t have to play an IT role, although he should understand the technology.

After analyzing the goals, resources, and processes, the architect proposes the modernization (reorganization) of the business processes. It is possible to connect technologies to support basic processes, as well as to manage organizational changes.

System analysis

An urgent problem for the IT sphere is the question of maximum efficiency, including money invested in it. Companies often create IT departments with a business analyst position to be focused on understanding and defining the requirements of IT systems. Such business analysts are employed when the management has already decided to implement some changes.

Business Analysis ObjectivesBusiness Analysis Objectives

One way or another, business analysts realize the following goals of the Business Intelligence Process are:

  1. Reduce costs;
  2. Find a solution to problems;
  3. Complete projects on time;
  4. Improve company performance;
  5. Document and systematize requirements.

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