Common Questions Regarding SIM-only Deals

Written By Alla Levin
January 10, 2020

Common Questions Regarding SIM-only Deals

SIM-only deals are more popular than mobile phone contracts in the UK. Most people in the UK are going for SIM-only deals because of their versatility, compatibility, flexibility, and low prices. The best thing about the SIM-only deals is you don’t need to change your mobile phone, buy the new SIM card and enjoy your existing mobile phone.

Usually, people think SIM-only deals and mobile phone contracts are both the same things, which is actually a wrong concept. In mobile phone contracts, you have to pay for the mobile phone, and in SIM-only deals, you have to pay for the SIM card.

What is a SIM-only deal?

First, we have to clear one thing SIM deals are totally different from mobile phone contracts. In SIM-only deals, you are paying for the SIM cards. If you love your existing mobile phone and don’t want to change it, then you should go for the SIM-only deals. You will get lots of minutes, SMs, and internet data for a specific duration, but remember, you will not get an unlimited subscription.

What is the difference between the Deals and Mobile contracts?

Actually, people usually said the SIM-only deals and the mobile phone contracts both are the same things, which is 100 % wrong. There are lots of differences in both, such as the price difference.

The mobile phone contracts are costly compared to the SIM-only deals. In SIM-only deals, you have to pay just for the SIM card, and in the mobile contract, you have to pay for the mobile phone and SIM card. These deals are more convenient and reliable. You don’t need to top up it for use.

How Much are SIM-only deals Cheaper?

There is no exact calculation of how much the SIM-only deals are cheaper than the mobile contracts, but this is true. The SIM-only deals are even less than a quarter of the price of mobile phone contracts.

It is logical that mobile phones are costly and the SIM card is much cheaper, so if you are getting the opportunity to gain the same benefits at a low price, you need to pay for the SIM card; then we don’t think so this is the bad deal.

Is it more convenient than Mobile Phone Contracts?

Obviously, SIM-only deals are more convenient and cheaper than mobile phone contracts. Suppose you are on the mobile phone contracts and want to call any person to make the call you need to top up your mobile phone.

Then you will be able to make a call which is really time taking, but this problem does not exist on these deals; whenever you need to make a call, just unlock the mobile phone and make a call. The minutes, SMS, and internet data always available to use,

How Flexible Are the Deals?How Flexible the Deals Are

Well, there is no contract more flexible than the deals. You can get the deal contract for any duration. For example, if you want to buy a deal subscription for the month, then you can for a month, even you can buy for the day for testing the network.

Most people go for the monthly subscription initially just for testing the network, and then if they are satisfied, they go for the year or more duration subscription. This is also the reason why people are choosing these deals.

Can I retain my Previous Number?

Well, you can retain your existing mobile number, but you have to call the new network operator to convert your new number to the old number. First of all, call the new company’s network operator, after that tell him or her, you want to replace your new number with the existing number.

The network operator will ask you for the PAC number; after confirming the PAC number, you have to tell the new mobile number and the number you want to replace with the new number. After this procedure, your will number will be retained in 24 hours.

Companies are offering the deals?

Well, several companies in the UK are offering SIM-only deals. For example, Smarty Unlimited, Three Company, BT Mobile, Vodafone, etc. These companies are top-rated and very favorite in the UK market.

If you want to know which company is best, then according to our observations and clients’ reviews, the Three Company is the best company offering the best deals of the SIM. They have cheap and reliable deals; you can easily get the Three Advance SIM from any mobile shop in the UK.

What deals are available?

The following most popular and favorite SIM-only deals in the UK are available.

  • Advance SIM-only Unlimited deals by Three companies in £18 per month for 12 months contract.
  • Unlimited SIM-only Lite deal in just £25 per month for only one month contract.
  • Unlimited SIM-Only Lite by Vodafone in just £23 per month for 12 months contract
  • Advance SIM-only Unlimited deals by Three company in just £10 per month for a 24-month contract
  • Deals by O2 in just £33 per month for 18 months contract


Well, SIM-only deals are the best solution for people who are looking for reliable, flexible, and convenient services. There is a very amazing and cheap deal with offers available for the different networks in the market. As we have suggested, the Three Company has the more affordable offers amazing services you cannot get in any service. We suggest if you go for a new network, then you must ask for a trial.

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