Cleaning Tips for the Lazy

Written By Alla Levin
January 19, 2020

Lazy Cleaning Tips

Ladies and gentlemen, human beings in all walks of life, let us all take this rare occasion to confront and concede to one bitter and rather gross truth about our existence in this vast universe, and that is the basic reality that majority of the population of planet Earth is a slob.

Although this is somewhat disturbing, I guess it’s still true (read more).

Now don’t get me wrong, not all people find the herculean task, dreading. You might be even familiar with some people who are experts in this field and find the entire cleaning process amusing and satisfying.

I have even crossed paths with people that procrastinate through the action of cleaning. I know right? Pure psychos.

But with all kidding aside, we must all confess that no matter how much of a slug we are, we also crave for a pristine and healthy environment for us to inhabit.

Who wouldn’t want to have a clutter-free home? But of course, you obviously don’t want to put in all that hard work in deep cleaning your entire space.

Although your bum ass is fortunate with all the information you can get access to on the internet.

Online people have realized the amount of laziness that flows through in our veins, so they have made the cleaning part in our lives a little easier. You always have the freedom to search through the internet.

On that note, below are a few lazy cleaning tips, for all you couch potatoes out there.

Implement the Ten Minute Cleanup Habit into your Lifestyle

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If you’re absolutely done with living in filth, one habit that you should subsume into your daily routine that can greatly impact your overall lifestyle is cleaning up right after you use that specific area.

Now, you might have heard of this recommendation about a billion times, your ears are probably sick and deaf to it.

But look at it this way, when you devote a full ten or fifteen minutes from your schedule every single day, cleaning up after every area in your house that you’ve utilized, you release yourself from the heavy burden of having to sacrifice a full-on day, attempting to clean up all the accumulated mess from the past week or so.

This doesn’t even guarantee you can finish going through all the chores in one day. And this type of plan isn’t even the most ideal way to approach your overlying problem of being a slob.

After all, you’re already lazy enough as it is so you can’t be that too ambitious that you actually believe that you would verily do the deep clean the day you scheduled you would.

Frankly, you should already know yourself at this point of time; it is rather futile to stay stuck in this stage of denial.

In this case, it is already predictable that you’ll get too overwhelmed by the piles of trash you collected over the days and you’ll end up pushing the chore until you can no longer see your floor.

This doesn’t even need to be longer than it should be. You can bust out your Spotify playlist, play your music and set up a timer. It depends on you on how much time you’d designate, taking into account your schedule and all.

Some of us do have lives and need to hustle. But it’s preferable that it ranges between 10-20 minutes, this way you can trick your brain that it’s not that extensive while still having adequate time to actually finish tidying up. Hence, the task will appeal unlikely to be daunting especially for bums like us.

You can also do this during your night routine, where you have finished all your work. So you can close your eyes at night, drifting to sleep with ease, knowing that you’ll wake up in a fresh space the next day.

Anyway, if you think the work is just too much to handle, you can always have the experts check it out. If you’re in need of New Jersey office cleaning, for example, many websites also offer services for that.

Lazy Cleaning Tips: Vinegar, Baking Powder, and Water is your Eternal Confidant

When it comes to cleaning hacks, these three mundane kitchen ingredients are the key components when it comes to having a squeaky clean estate.

You might think nothing of it when you’re just mindlessly passing through your kitchen, but when you need to do some urgent cleaning with no cleaning products available, you’ll find yourself reaching out for these three.

You can always do a quick research online on how to utilize these products and produce your own homemade cleaner.

Do you want to wipe your tabletops?

Spray it with a vinegar solution. Do you want to remove water stains from glass?

Wash it with vinegar. Do you want to get back on your ex? Cook him in vinegar.

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