Quality Patient Care: What Are the Top 5 Challenges of Modern-Day Hospitals?

Written By Alla Levin
January 20, 2020

Quality Patient Care: What Are the Top 5 Challenges of Modern-Day Hospitals?

Sick people visit the emergency room and expect to be treated whether they can pay. This is good news for patients, but what does it mean for hospitals? More than ever, Americans expect a lot out of hospitals.

The doctors must cure all ills and use the latest technology. Further, Administrators must keep the hospital open with limited funding.

Financial Issues

Finances are a significant problem facing hospitals today. Administrators are trying to figure out how to work with Medicare and Medicaid. Hospital doors are open to uninsured people 24 hours a day. However, the federal government limits the amount of money paid for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. Indeed, the more Medicare and Medicaid patients a hospital treats, the less money they have.

Administrators must find ways to make money while doing the most with what they have. Patients continue to be seen, and nurses are always present with their Workstation on Wheels. Cybersecurity is another big issue. Patient records are online and contain sensitive information. In the first half of 2019, there were 32 million breaches of patient records.

Inadequate StaffingWorkstation on Wheels

Administrators have limited income to work with. Yet, they’re expected to attract top talent to their facility. Staffing shortages are dangerous at a hospital. A study in the International Journal Of Nursing Care indicates that there is a death for every extra patient a nurse has.

Americans are living longer than ever. At the same time, young people are reluctant to go into medicine because the pay is insufficient. Hospital Administrators are stuck with the job of figuring out how to pay doctors and nurses more.

Hospitals in rural America are in major trouble. Many facilities are closing because there’s not enough staff. Sometimes, doctors must travel to several counties to see patients. Many nurses work as “traveling nurses.” They go to hospitals with shortages in other states to work.

Infections and Antibiotics

Healthcare-related infections and antibiotic resistance are significant concerns. A recent study found that a failure to follow handwashing protocol is behind many infections. This problem was directly related to six patients contracting staph infections at a South Carolina facility.

Studies indicate hospital administrators can do more to remind staff to wash their hands. One hospital implemented a system where text reminders were constantly sent to the staff. Likewise, physicians are seeing infections that are resistant to common antibiotics.

Health administrators are monitoring the efficiency of antibiotics, helping to improve hospital acquired infection prevention. Carbapenem Enterobacteriaceae or CRE is a dangerous hospital infection. In many instances, CRE is resistant to all available antibiotics.

So it is important to ensure that patients get proper care and prevent them from catching various infections. Teaching your hospital staff how do viruses spread is another great way to help everyone stay healthy.

Introducing hospital screens will reduce the risk of infection in a hospital environment.

Old Diseases Are New AgainModern-Day Hospitals

Many diseases that were supposed to be eradicated are popping up again. For instance, there are measles outbreaks every year in different areas. Experts say a lack of compliance with recommended vaccines is to blame. Further, outbreaks occur among immigrants who are suspicious of vaccines.

Hospitals must treat patients while trying to contain the disease. Fortunately, organizations like the CDC are helping with the problem. Hospital Administrators have a lot of work to do with little resources. Hopefully, the government will realize more money needs to be allocated to health care. Citizens are the future of the country and they need to be healthy. Cutting back only endangers the welfare of patients.

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