The Woman’s Role In The Security Industry

Written By Alla Levin
March 27, 2023
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The inequality between women’s and men’s presence is evident in many industries. In the US, the security industry is the domain where this disbalance stands for 25% of women officers compared to 75% of men officers. Today security guard patrol`s post will be dedicated to unveiling women`s role in the security profession and why the industry branch needs more women. 

The security industry is dominated by men, primarily because of the myths related to this profession and the prejudice that women cannot perform these duties. Women are breaking those prejudices and are increasingly involved in government and private security.

Stereotypes and myths which donates to believing that women are not suitable for the security industry are:

The woman’s role in the security industry: security officers are men

While this is still a highly male-orientated profession, woman gradually takes more participating in this branch. The number of female who holds security license keeps on rising. Women are slowly positioning themselves in this industry with their ability to notice details, delicate suspicious actions, and perform multi-tasks.

Security job requires strength

The biggest myth related to security officers is that this job requires significant physical strength. This is only partly true. While specific security domains need body strength, such as pub and bar surveillance or places with large crowds, there are many security spheres where physical robustness is not vital. In many cases, strength is not determining factor. It may even be a disadvantage, such as when security officers have to monitor space and people while remaining unnoticed and inconspicuous.

The development of monitoring devices and security technology have brought opportunities to diverse types of work and include more and more women in this business. But still, discrimination and fewer earnings are noticeable in the security industry and are significant reasons holding women back from pursuing this career. Cyber security, for example, is one of the fields where women can achieve professional success; however, their share among employees is only 11% due to lower earnings compared to men in the same sector. 

Security work is primarily a night and weekend jobsecurity guard patrol

This is a common myth but untrue. Today security is a perpetual necessity. Every day- time commerce, bank, government building, school, hotel, and others requires daily security and at night. Surveillance, monitoring, patrolling, and providing safety for employees and customers while averting robberies is the daily job of security officers. Besides the individuals, security officers provide property safety and prevent damages and vandalism. 

Security job is too dangerous for women

If the officers have not gone through proper training and doest have appropriate communication equipment, every officer is in potential danger whether is it a male or female. This makes security jobs equally risky for women as it is for men. 

Advantages of women security officersAdvantages of women security officers

The reasons why every security organization works to encourage women to pursue a career and integrate them into leadership positions in security jobs are:


Women tend to have better communication skills that can positively affect situations by defusing and providing a pragmatic approach. Women attribute sensibility, intuitiveness, and emotional intelligence to creating a good work environment and communication enthusiasm.


Empathy is characteristic that provides relations with other employees and the general public. This attribute gives women a calm demeanor in stressful situations and tension. Clients particularly appreciate empathy, ensuring long-term cooperation and strong company partnerships.


A woman fell more secure and comfortable while working with another woman. In inconvenient situations, women tend to feel more comfortable when dealing with women security officers. Including women in security can bring balance and provide safety in specific and appropriate situations. Women are good mediators in heated cases, which can be beneficial. In some possible incidents, a “quieting down” conditions can be sufficient to prevent an accident.

The Woman’s Role In The Security Industry: Final Thoughts

The misconception of security work is one of the reasons why not many women choose this industry branch as a career of choice. The gender gap is also caused by sexism in language, attitude, and behavior. Approximately 64% of female security officers have experienced sexual bullying, harassment, or violence. This is why the industry has to establish support structures and customize security programs and mentorships specifically for women.

The industry has excelled in the need for physical strength and significant body presence and has expanded to security sectors requiring other qualities where women have shown superiority. While facing typical stereotypes, problems, and unequal pay, women are slowly but surely forging their path in this industry. Promoting women in security is the only way to guarantee a safer future.

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