A Clover Point of Sale for All Business Owners

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2020

A Clover Point of Sale for All Business Owners

Whether you’re just launching your new business or looking for a way to outpace the competition, find out how a Booker Clover system can help you grow your business.

Find out how this POS, or point of sale, the system compares with your current system and take advantage of this exciting new hardware and software Clover system.

Streamlined Ordering

Rapid credit card processing and diverse payment options combine to create streamlined ordering.

A long line can discourage customers from entering your business or making a purchase.

Keep lines moving with the latest processing speeds. An intuitive touch screen makes it easy for your employees to rapidly create order and ring up customers.

Modern payment options are designed for convenient processing.

Contactless payment and mobile payment options are faster than cash, debit cards or even chip readers.

If your customers prefer using these fast payment options, don’t discourage them and slow down the process because of outdated technology.

Increased Payment Safety

Older POS systems use unsecure processing and maybe putting your customers at risk.

A Clover Station stays up-to-date with the latest security measures to prevent identity theft.

If your customers don’t trust your complex system, they may be discouraged from making a purchase.

Increased safety increases confidence in your business and encourages purchases.

Reduced Training Time

Clover software is intuitive and easy to customize.

If you’re hesitant to train your employees on a new system, you can customize your Clover to match your current setup or create an even more intuitive interface.

Clear, easy-to-read icons of your most common orders and features make it easy for all your employees to quickly learn your new setup.

Reduced training time means reduced training costs.

Hire new employees confidently and don’t worry about spending weeks trying to teach a complex system.

Clover is easy to learn even for individuals who have never used a POS system before.

Accurate Time Card and Inventory TrackingInventory Tracking

Separate time card tracking systems can be costly and easy for employees to forget about.

f you’re still tracking by paper, this makes payroll incredibly tedious.

Update your current system to a comprehensive POS and tracking software.

Clover software allows your employees to clock in and track inventory on the same device.

At the end of the pay period, you can create reports and handle payroll easily.

Keep track of inventory and don’t let essential items run out of stock.

Affordable Hardware and Software

Compare Clover Stations and other Clover hardware with its competitors.

These systems are surprisingly affordable. You won’t have to worry about restrictive contracts or costly setup fees.

Some Clover systems even come free of charge.

Simply pay an affordable monthly rate for your transaction processing software and keep your business moving forward.

Compare Clover Systems TodayCompare Clover Systems Today

Discover for yourself how a Clover Station or Clover Flex can improve your business model.

Discuss your Clover options with a representative today to compare pricing, features and other factors for your business.

Don’t wait to improve your business model, reduce your costs and take your business to the next level.

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