7 Pointers Why You Need to Change Tires

Written By Alla Levin
February 20, 2020

When to Replace Tires? Pointers Why You Need to Change Your Tires

When to Replace Tires? There are many different reasons why you would need to change your tires. A few reasons include excessive vibration, tire traction, and damage, tire age, passenger safety, monetary goals, to save time or to prepare for a mandatory annual inspection if your state requires one.

Excess vibration

It is essential to keep in mind that every vehicle has some vibration, some vibrations are normal, but when it becomes excessive, it is no longer a good thing. Inappropriately managed roads will cause every vehicle to vibrate more than usual.

But if you are on a nice flat road with little to no damage and your vehicle is experiencing excessive vibration then it is a good idea to change your tires or at least have a professional check them out. Keep in mind that tires are not the only thing that can be wrong with your car if you have excessive, unexplained vibrations. There is any number of problems that could arise. It is better to speak with a professional.

When to Replace Tires: Tire Traction and DamageWhen to Replace Tires Tire Traction and Damage

Appropriate tire traction is an essential part of your tire stability. If your tire traction depth is not large enough, then your tires will not grip the group properly. You will find yourself slipping and sliding around on any road that you drive on. It is essential to use the penny trick to check your tire tread depth every once in a while.

If your tire tread becomes uneven, then it is a good reminder to rotates your tires every time you have your wheels aligned. This will not stop your tread from going down entirely, but it will help to keep your tire tread from becoming uneven and in turn, help to make your tires last longer.

Tire age

For these issues, you will receive different advice depending on who you ask. Just make sure you at least change your tires every six years. As long as there are no problems including but not limited to, uneven tire wear, damages tread or tire walls or damage from the badly maintained road, six years is a good time to change your tires.

However, this figure is just an average number of years because, in reality, this number can be lower dependent also on how you drive. Also, if you purchase your tires brand new from a garage or manufacturer, then every six years is a reasonable time to change them up as long as there are no problems.

But, if you have purchased your vehicle tires used from somebody, there is no way to know the exact age, wear and tear or potential damage that your tires have already gone through so six years is probably too long to wait.

SafetyAppropriate tire traction

It is essential to make sure that you, your passengers, and everyone around you are always safe when you are driving in your vehicle. This is just one of the reasons that your vehicle manufacturer and your mechanic will recommend that you change your tires if at any time you notice a problem with your car that could be traced back to your tires.

If at any time your tires could malfunction and cause an accident, then it is time to purchase some new ones. The improved tire tread traction that you will have once you change your tires will help to provide your vehicle with better stopping power.

Save Money

This might sound like it is a bit backward since you are spending money to save money. If your tires are old or uneven or damaged or any version of messed up, they have the potential to damage other parts of your vehicle.

The more you drive on bad tires, the more your car is in danger of breaking. Parts that might break can cost any range of money to fix. So it is best to spend money now to save money later. You must research relevant topics such as tyresales, which can help you to determine whether or not it is time for you to get new tires or if you are good to go for a while longer on the tires that you already have.

Save Timetyresales

Usually, if you schedule an appointment to get your tires fixed, they can get you in within the next week. As long as nothing else is wrong with your car, an appointment for new tires will be a quick and easy fix. If other problems are going on, then the repair will most likely take longer and be more costly.

Annual Inspection

When to Replace Tires? If your home state does require a yearly inspection of all of your vehicles, this is an excellent time for your mechanic to check out your tires. Your tires will need to be in proper working order for your car to pass inspection. Be aware that there are many other parts of your vehicle that need to be in proper working order as well.

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