How Can We Really Form Our Political Opinions With Sincerity?

Written By Alla Levin
February 21, 2020

How Can We Really Form Our Political Opinions With Sincerity?

It’s the defining trait of our times; open any social media feed, read any set of headlines, or look in any space of common culture and you’ll find arguments tearing people apart.

Echoed by how easy and anonymous modern communication can be.

Politics is the battlefield that has seemingly come to increasingly toxify everything, from how well movies do at the box office related to how this may impact their cultural standing.

Or, how straight politics itself is discussed and disseminated to a crowd. 

But how can you really form your political opinions with sincerity, as a legal voter or a curious person hoping to make the right decisions?

Take one stance and there’ll be much thinking you’ve either made a genius decision or have defied the very basic tenets of logic.

While taking a centrist’s viewpoint and trying to see the argument both sides are making can seem to divide yourself from others even more.

However, it’s important that you let no one sway you into thinking a certain way.

Coming to the appropriate facts and making a decision from there is essential.

To this end, we hope the following advice can help you:

Read Baseline Political TextsHow Can We Really Form Our Political Opinions With Sincerity

Plenty of political commentary and coverage will always revert back to principles that have been discussed in political works.

From free markets, theories to how certain countries handle social justice to reading manifestos that you may not agree with.

But, you should readjust to become aware of them, being able to stay politically literate is important if you hope to understand references, make connections, and sometimes even fact check.

Reading one chapter of material in a well-sourced and fundamentally respected book can be more valuable to your thought process than one hundred biased op-eds online.

Study Histories

It can be refreshing to study history alongside your interest in politics because much of history informs our politics today.

This also helps you stop taking things for granted.

For instance, it might be a topic of interest for you to figure out just why Ireland is split into the North and the Republic Of, as these world situations do not happen in a vacuum.

History can help you remain clear and able to organize facts from fiction when considering how the world shapes itself.

Look For Factual Non-Biased SourcesLook For Factual Non-Biased Sources

It can be worth looking for factual sources that are written in a non-biased manner.

There are some aggregate news sources that allow you to focus on a range of news stories and see the spin or the interpretation given through different lenses, and this can help you avoid the partisan divide.

From Allsides showing you what narratives are being espoused by both sides of the political aisle.

Celebrity Spend Comparision showing us the raw facts and comparisons of just how wealth is distributed. 

Also, they share factors that may influence our perspectives, making real political opinions with sincerity in this way can help you avoid the partisan trap.

With this advice, we hope you can find more footing in this oft-shaky world, that sooner or later we must all participate in.

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