Adding A Personal Touch To Your Gifts

Written By Alla Levin
March 02, 2020

Adding A Personal Touch To Your Gifts

There can sometimes be pressure to make your gift stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to the holidays, Valentine’s, Mother’s day, baby showers, etc.

Of course, not every gift that you give is going to be long-lasting, amazing, or remembered forever, but it is worth a try, no? This definitely applies when the gift is for someone that means a lot to you. 

The best way to make your gift really memorable is to make it personal. A personal gift can be much more meaningful than just picking something standard off the shelf or on their list.

While picking things off of a person list can be important, you’re on to a winner when you can think of something unique and thoughtful that resonates with the individual. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can make a gift more personal below: 

Look At Their Interests And Hobbies

Looking at these can really give you a good idea of how the person ticks.

Maybe they’re a classic film buff, love knitting, are an avid gardener, or have a passion for music, whatever it is, choosing a gift that can be used or relates to these areas can be a great way of showing that you know who they are and care about they’re hobbies and interests. 

Personal Touch Gifts Personalized

There are now many options when it comes to personalized gifts. Whether it’s a name embossed or something engraved, getting a new born baby poster, or a print on a mug or t-shirt, there are indeed many items to which you can add a personal touch.

Try not to get something personalized for the sake of it, though, and it has to mean something. This kind of personalization is great for occasions like Mother’s day or the arrival of a new baby. 

The ideal gift is functional and stylish, and an excellent example of that is a custom phone case. A smartphone is a necessity nowadays, and a cover helps protect it from scratches and dents.

Instead of gifting a plain, old phone case, you can take some time to design it according to their taste and liking. Personalizing protective accessories for useful gadgets takes time and effort, and the recipient will undoubtedly be touched by all the effort.

For example, you could give your loved one a set of personalized handkerchiefs with embroidery of their favorite flower or their initials. Taking that extra step to add something that they cherish will make your gift all the more special and meaningful.

Personalize The Wrapping

If you know that the person would prefer you to stick to the list, they have provided, especially when it comes to weddings or christenings, this doesn’t mean that you can’t add a personal touch.

Adding little touches such as logo printed ribbon ties around your gift adds a personal touch without deviating from buying something you know they really want.

Using this kind of thing is also great for holidays like Christmas as you can wrap all your gifts with the same ribbon and then everyone can easily identify who the gift is from. 

Create An Experience

Rather than buying a gift, have you ever thought about arranging an event or day out instead? People always get ‘stuff’ as gifts, and unfortunately, this often means that you are giving something that they may not need or use.

Why not arrange a day out or an activity for you to do together where you can create lasting memories instead? It can be anything from things like afternoon tea right through to a holiday abroad.

Just use your imagination and think about what or where they would like to go; when it comes to personalized gifts, the key is to really think about the person you are buying for and what would make it personal for them.

Everyone is different, so that everyone will enjoy a different touch. Do you have any other ways you can add a personal touch to a gift? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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